25 lighters on my dresser

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  1. yes sir...

    More like 46...



    Just been throwing empty lighters in a vase for 2 or 3 years,
    thought id share..
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    i do the same thing last time i counted it was at 32 lol
    its awesome never needing a lighter at home tho

    full lighters rather

  3. All those are empty bro. But yeah i always keep a couple full ones around.
  4. No thoughts guys?
  5. i throw away duplicate colors/designs
  6. light some farts.. catch your hand on fire... blow some fire with those things...

    Pics of just some random bics bro? :(

    hahahaha j/k
  7. I wouldn't have many to save if i did that.

    Not all empty's get saved,
    some end up thrown away or lost.

    Hoping to do some kind of art project when i have a lot more.

    All empty man, can't light any of them.

  8. Maybe you could do something creative with them smiley.Possibly make a a huge lighter out a bunch of smaller lighters? Like a big zippo or something.

  9. Ill throw up a big gc or something tommorow,
    just trying to chill on these last few bowls of the night.

    Good idea.
    I know this is a random thread.
    but these lighters have some fucking memories.
  10. the kiss ones mine i lost that like 3 months ago, thanks bud

  11. Haha, mines at least a year old
  12. Make a Scupture and bring it to a Art Mueseum.

    It would be a hit.
  13. I can't imagine the look on your face when you roll up a fat J, sit down, and can't find a lighter to save your life. Those 46 Bics are staring right back at you. Not a flame amongst them all. It's the lack that drives you crazy.
  14. Nice KISS lighter im using one right now i had 2 KISS lighters before this one lol
  15. youve inhaled like half of all the butane in those things... just found that interesting:smoke: *lights bubbler with blowtorch* :smoking:
  16. BUT I On;y need one
  17. you should make somthing with all of those....sculpture? table top? i donno

    just a thought

  18. I love how people assume you really inhale large amounts of butane from a lighter...

    Most of it burns off. And besides, I use hemp wick..

    I plan on making something with all these empties,
    a sculpture would be cool,
    but im out of hot glue!
  19. take them all apart and use them to build some massive whirly-gig of a lighter.
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfcNMQpXhMc]YouTube - DJ DMD - 25 Lighters Feat Lil Keke & Fat Pat[/ame]

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