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    So my place of employment was kind enough to give us all a 25$ price chopper (grocery store) gift card and I had been planning to use it towards buying drinks (not alcohal)

    Due to the constant mouth frothing / cotton disgust that i constantly deal with while puffing la Chiba, i'm concentrating on buying a stash of liquid with this cash gift (willing to dish out more)

    You see, for thanksgiving we were given the same gift card. I purchased a 30 pack of labbat blue bottles that i got for a great deal at the time. I don't want alcohol, i want a lot of fluid, and I need YOUR help in expressing your utmost personal favorite (in mass quantity preferably, or personal items). I usually buy the 2 gallon jugs of liptons green tea w/ honey added, that stuff is bomb to drink in large amounts while baked/baking. (be it juice, soda, water etc.)

    WTF do you drink?
  2. you could buy one of them water tabs. i drink water.
  3. [​IMG]

    I haven't grown up much.
  4. peach mango FUZE, amazing. if you don't like peach mango stuff then check out the other fuze flavors
  5. I have personally taken a fond liking to Orange Juice, with or without the pulp, NOT from concentrate, all natural stuff.

    I haven't really noticed a difference between tropicana, noname brands, etc.

    But trust me, it's very very good, so sweet and just really perks you right up.

    You can even water it down at a ratio of about 1:5 and it still tastes fantastic.
  6. sweet, mountain dew nice (haven't tried the new kind), i drank that like a fool as a young one. Keep em comin
  7. As good as mountain dew is, i would get sick of the sweetness too fast...
  8. And for $25 you should be able to walk away with about, I'd say at least 15-16 litres of that stuff.
  9. Calypso Lemonade. Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry

    Moosehead Lime Beer. :confused_2: You said no alcahol. I don't know what alcahol is.
  10. Hmm interesting, so simple and i've never really had the idea. I have an ice box that i just leave in my room (i'll go downstairs to fill it once/twice a day) which can just additionally be used as watering down the juice... Think i'll spend about 10 dollars on OJ
  11. Yes, neither do I. Calypso Lemonade, never heard, i'll try to find some.
  12. Water tabs? Kindof like a beer tap but a water tap? maybe like a 4-5 gallon one? think i've seen those around and yes, water is essential.
  13. Drink those little kool aids that come in the plastic bottle with the plastic twist off top and you drop the little pills in there and it changes colors. Those are dank.

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  14. White out = da shit!

  15. any sobe drink...........

  16. i might gotta pick one of those up before work tonight :D

    personally id buy some high quality coffee
  17. Update:

  18. Arizona teas of course!
  19. Dude arnold palmer ice tea all day. I buy the big jugs of it, soooo dank. The 24 oz cans for 99 cents are very key when stoned. Very little money for a lot of bomb liquid
  20. If you are a stoner and have never drank Arizona teas for cotton mouth, you make baby jesus cry.

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