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25/g for Medical/Medicinal (Non-Legal States Only)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lilish4, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. I live in western PA and I usually pay $20/g for dank, $60 for an 8th, etc. A dealer hmu and said he has some for $25/g. I asked him why it was so high and he said its because it's medical. To me, this is a steep price, however if it really is, is it worth it? What does medical even look like? Just more thc crystals?
  2. I lived in michigan before there was medical and would still never pay more than 50 an eighth...and all "medical" is is properly grown dank so it should be no different in price
  3. Fuck those are the prices we pay for oil. And tell your dealer he is full of shit. What makes it medical. All weed is medical some just better than others. He sounds like a real prick just trying to squeeze another 5 out of ya.
  4. I live in central PA and I would never pay 25 a g for anything. Medical quality is really just good weed anyway and good weed around here goes for 20 dollars a gram. Sounds like he's getting a ounce or two and trying to make a better profit. 
  5. 25/g!?!?  Whaaaaaat?  Everything I get is medical grade, for only $50 an eighth.  And I live in a non-medical state.  I'd say hell no
    chances are it's too expensive but i do see medical shops in cali still trying to charge $25/g occasionally
  7. Never pay anything over $20/g no matter where you are.  Even the shittiest areas, no gram of weed is worth more than $20 unless it's been dipped in BHO.
  8. Fuck no don't pay that. A thing i see a lot of people confused is like just because bud is from a dispensery they think its better than street weed. Dispenseries jusy have quality control + if you don't live in a medical state than guess what, its probably not medical and the dealer is saying that to price you more.

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  9. Medical is meaningless. All he means is that it might've come from a dispensary, but fuck if you know lol. I'd say fuck off to 25 a gram no matter how good it is but then again Im paying 10 for some of the best in town.. Just go check it out, if its legitly some amazing weed and if 5 extra bucks won't phase you or your waller I'd say go for it
  10. He's trying to rip you for that gram. I pay 20/g for 'medical' all the time and I live in fucking Texas... I've only paid 25/g once and it was so stupid of me but I was bored so I said fuck it.
  11. All marijuana is medical. Mass just this year passed MMJ into law, but even before then dispensary grade weed was everywhere and you can get it for like 45 an eighth or 80 a quarter.
  12. Picked up 4 grams at the clinic on Saturday. I don't have my recommendation but one of my friends does and he picked up for like 4 people that night. Payed $40 bucks for 4 grams of some medicinal cannabis, the strain was called Purple Sticky Punch, would never pay 25 for a gram
  13. I'm in NW FL and I pay 20/g, 55 1/8th. I've had a friend pay up to 30/g for some homegrown from his fraternity brother and the whole time I was thinking "you just got dooped" he was like "it's pure crystal's!" idk where you live in America, never pay more than 20/g
  14. 20 a G and 50-60 for an eighth in Louisiana, but I would never buy a G for $25
  15. Ask him if he has proof
  16. 25 a gram is pretty ridiculous...i pay 20 a g here in ohio and i still feel like thats too high. wish i was out on the west coast east side prices are too damn high

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