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$25 for quarter o_o

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. #1 xDS, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2011
    My dealer and I are really cool and makes my bags fat for me and my friend. When he has no bud to sell and buys for himself then he gets it for $30 but I just text'd him now just wondering how much it would be and he said $25. He sells mids-high mids and my tolerance is low so mids is my choice since dank is too damn much for me. I think I'm the luckiest man right now :)

    Edit: yes I decided to text him about the price after I saw the $40 for quarter thread..
  2. Lol, so if I read this right, you think your dealer loses money to sell to you?
  3. I believe he's new to dealing only 16. Plus the prices in my area are pretty low. If he gets his quarters for 30 when he's dry then I understand why he knocked 5 off since I'm loyal. I live in a predominately black area so prices aren't really an issue.
  4. My friend once got a quarter for 5$ cheapest i got one was probly 20 and it was some shitty outdoor
  5. Yeah my stuff is outdoor. No indoor over here. May explain why it's cheap.
  6. Its like $3.50 a gram I could never pass that up, even if it's shit you could roll massive blunts and make edibles.
  7. He sells nicks for 5 and dimes for 10 or if I ask I can get them fo free but don't wanna do that too much. Eighths are 20 and now quarters are 25.. Wish I still had my job then I would ask what an o is.
  8. Ya this is true, im not dissin outdoor or anything, some of the best weed ive smoked has been outy. I still wouldent pass up the deal if i was you, if it does the trick its all good

  9. It makes me feel weird to acquire herb from someone younger than I, at least noticeably younger.
    Gives me the heebie jeebies.
    haha, but do your thing :smoking:
  10. That's the best value, I'd stick with that.
  11. How many grams is a quarter btw? Only used to smoking dimes and occasionally eights.
  12. 7gs in a q. 25$ for a q of mids isn't really a home run btw. I'd take it but its nothing to get stoked about.
  13. Thas pretty decent in Houston u can get half an o for $25 here is the quality but this a lil 20 sack I grabbed

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  14. You kidding me? I have to pay 35$ a quarter here for stemmy, seedy regs.

    And high mids/dank is all 20/g.
  15. Corn?
  16. Yeah that looks schwaggy...
  17. I remember gettin good prices before untill i moved, now its all like 60$ a quarter n shit, the buds way better out here though than in NB.
  18. agree I'm 24 I bought some weed from a 16 year old, I feel like I'm contributing to our youths deliquence (fuck I can't spell) I'm just like I don't want to be the one to get you in trouble and I'm sure doing drugs with a minor is worse than just doing them in general, so glad I found a dealer in my own neighborhood he is for sure older than me too. oh yea, and way back in the day, early 2000s in Georgia quarters were always $25..... wow how times have changed.
  19. I pay about $120 for a pound of homegrown....

    Electricity is cheap....
  20. holy schwag

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