25 days into veg, coupls question w/ pics

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  1. Well, before I do my grow of known genetics, I'm growing 2 plants from bagseed. I'm about 4 weeks into veg from germination and they seem to be doing great. I have them alternating on schultz's 10-15-10 and awesome blossom 2-10-10 once each per week. They are getting close to the same amount of water and nutes, yet I had a couple of concerns. One of them is experiencing some folding effect (see picture) in the leaves that get the highest level of fan action. The leaf, and the 2 like it are very green and moist, and don't seem to by dying, just want to address any problem before it really becomes one. The other has purple stems, now I know purple stems can mean a phosphorous deficiency, but that shouldnt be coming about with these ferts. Is there any way to tell the diffenence b/t a phosphorous deficiency and purple stems resulting from the strain? I mean it could just be a diff pheno, because its only one of the 2 plants and its from the same ganja. Thanks in advance

    Edit: oh yeah, and they're in miracle grow potting mix (feeds plants up to 3 months) with some purlite mixed in evenly.



    Also, I'm going to be doing LST, vokal's method of weaving... and I was wondering at what height I should start the LST... or should I judge by nodes?
  2. Those are not the best ferts for vegging. You want the first number, nitrogen, to be higher.
  3. yeah I've since stopped using the 0-10-10 and only the 10-15-10... should I not use the 10-15-10 and go with another garden store variety npk with higher nitrogen?
  4. Depends on how long you plan to veg, but I would. Just a general purpose plant food should be only a few bucks at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Ace, etc.

    Although the plant looks fine as is. The leaf bending should not be a concern as long as there is good coloration, no spotting, no wilting, etc.

    What kind of light are they under? It looks in the photos like you had just watered because the soil has darker and lighter areas and also the leaves have droplets on them. Be careful about getting water on the leaves while under a HID light -- the droplets can act like magnifying glasses and burn the leaves.
  5. I have an aquatic grow-light at 800 lumens and a 1750 lumen gro-fluro I got at ace, as well as a CFL, 800 lumens. I did just water, and I spray down my leaves often to keep up humidity, and they have no burn spots or whatnot.

    The Schultz's plant food was among the general purpose plant foods you mentioned. its really essential that I have something like a 15-10-10 as opposed to my 10-15-10?

  6. hey i'm using the same exact soil.ive heard that mircle gro is bad on some fourm postings.then again ur plants look pretty good.the purple might be too much of something also.in consideration it is slow release fertalizer in the soil and in combination of putting more in it. might want to worry about burning ur poor girls.especially under lights like that it happens to release more ferts from the soil that you're using.dont get me wrong i like mircle gro because im a sucker for laziness and fast growing plants.good luck buddy.
  7. well, since that soil is already pre-fertilized... I wouldn't keep fertilizing very often, or else in a while you may end up with over-fert problems. the redish/purple petioles (leaf stems) doesn't mean much.. nothing to worry about. some of mine are that same color as well. how many nodes are the plants at? looks like some nice growth for the low amount of light you're using

    and toasty, I wish I'd been told that before. I've been misting under the 400w hps and never thought about the possibiltiy of the water droplets magnifying the light and burning the leaves... doh!!
  8. well, just googled info on what you talked about, toasty, and this is what I came up with:

    "Water Drops Do Not Burn Foliage

    I have been asked many times if it is true that water drops on plant leaves can lead to burning of the leaf tissue in strong sunshine.

    It is true that a water drop can act as a lens...... but in order for the sunlight to be focused on the surface of the foliage, the drop must be a perfect, rounded semi-circle. In common experience, you know that water droplets are flattened. Physicists know that the focal point of such a lens (if a focal point exists) is either above or below the leaf surface, not on it. Since light is never focused on the leaf cells, its diffuse energy is never enough to heat the cells to the point of damage.

    Another way to think of this is to consider that if the light DID focus on the leaf surface beneath the drop, the heat would cause the droplet to quickly evaporate....... before the cells could be damaged.

    Water damage CAN occur when the drop is dramatically colder or hotter than a leaf surface but the explanation that "the drops act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaf" should be relegated to the folk tale bin."

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