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25 Bong Hits Lead to a Crazy Night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DerekNorCal, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So last night I decided to get baked and smoke as much as I could, little did I know I was in for a crazy ass night! My tolerance was very low thanks to a T-break and I was very excited, I grabbed my bong and packed a huge ass bowl of some dank purple rush. I then went to my backyard and started sparkin up, I cleared a good 6 times till I started to feel it, and I said to my self "fuck it, im finishing this bowl" so I keep on taking hits non-stop. By around the 15th hit I feel pretty fucked up but keep on smokin, dropping my lighter at least 10 times. After around the 25th bong hit I finished the bowl and felt accomplished, I start walking around and I feel like a fuckin elephant, I start walkin inside my house and then my vision starts spinning and I am freakin out thinking im gonna pass out, so I stumbled my way to my bedroom (trippin and fallin over tons of shit xD) after what seemed like an hour. I fall down on my bed and then remembered I left my weed outside, then I stumble out of my bed feeling hella fucked up and make my way to the backyard and my vision gets hella fucked up (spinning n distorted), I put my weed in my pocket and lay down on my grass and pass out. After about 1-3 hours of being passed out on my lawn I wake up to 2 raccoons getting it on in a tree n I was very confused. I try to get up and I fall down, after a few tries I finally get up and decide make another journey to my bedroom.. after I was done stairing at the clouds for 30 mins. Once Im at my room I pop in my ear buds and start listenin to music and my body was completely numb and it felt like there were needles everywhere in my body. I started to feel like my heart was getting ripped out, but I kept chill cuz I knew it was all in my head. After an unknown amount of time, I pass out again and wake up still high and go to work high. I can still somewhat feel it in me, but it has mellowed down greatly.
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  2. How big is your fucking bowl that you can get 25 solid hits off it?!
  3. Homemade bowl with some metal I found at my work (metal shop), it's pretty fuckin big, looks like the great wall of china xD
  4. lets see some pics of this thing

  5. Lol you've gotta post a pic of that, sounds epic
  6. Damn dude i was expecting a super crazy night not being passed out for a few hours.

    I do have to give some respect though because i know i cant clear a bong 25 times. Peace :smoke:
  7. damn 25 hits offa bowl?

    Gotta be at least enough to hold 1.5g
  8. Honestly, I don't believe you have a bowl that can handle 25 good sized hits, and I don't believe you started feeling it around the 15th hit if you were smoking dank with a low tolerance.

    Not to be a debbie downer, but seriously, I get blazed off two bowls of dank and I have a moderate tolerance.
  9. man metal bowls fucking tear your lungs up.
  10. Maybe I over-exacherated a bit, but I know I took at least 20 hits and as for the feeling it I didn't really keep track. I put about 1.2 grams in the bowl
  11. nah they don`t they just heat up faster than normal, and dude i don`t think passing out for a few hours counts as a crazy night
  12. Not necessarily. It all depends on what it was coated with, or if it was galvanized. Even if it wasn't, most commercial metals are pretty inert and won't create anything too toxic when heated. Most aluminum foil is a grave exception, though.

    But back to the thread, OP it sounds like you might have deprived your brain of too much oxygen, or perhaps even had some slight butane sickness.

    But whatever the reason, let's see this shot glass sized bowl. :smoking:
  13. This happened to me the other night. My cuz and I smoked a blunt and went to go see Clash of the Titans, maybe its was the weed, but it seemed like the graphics/effects in the movie had a low budget-eque feel to it? haha

    Anyway we go back to my place and smoke like 3 more bowls. He then leaves like 10 min later and we are on my porch talking before he heads out.

    As we're talking aI start to get light headed and my vision gets fuzzy and flickery like snow/static on a tv screen, except it was in red and yellow.

    I stood there for like 2 min before I told him I had to go lay down :p

    I think it was a mixture of standing up for too long (we were toking standing up outside) and not eating for like 4 hrs beforehand.

    I swear I get the worst highs because when i am borderline starving and then i smoke.

    Sorry for the novel.....
  14. i dont believe sed bowl can hold 25 hits, or that running into shit and passing out classifies as a crazy night, thats a chill night for me..
  15. Pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say, We need pics of this gigantor bowl of yours.
  16. pics of the bowwwwwl!!! and the bong, that has to be a prretty large bong to hold the great wall of china :]
  17. I agree with TravisH997 here. I've started smoking recently and my tolerance is great. Usually around 3-4 bong hit, I will start feeling good.

    15 Hits for you to get high? I smell bullshit :smoke:.
  18. I dont think a bowl can hold much more than ten hits if you are taking moderate size hits. This is purely speculation, obviously...

    For comparison, my friend has a bong with a bowl that can hold about a gram and I'd say we cash it in about 7-8 hits on average.

    you sure you didn't... loadanotherbowl?
  19. theres like not even that many responses for this thread yet it has been coming uip for months wtf
  20. I know, right? He made it seem like crazy shit happened, when instead he saw two raccoons in a tree and kept knocking stuff over in his house. OP must live a boring fucking life.

    He said he was feeling it after 6 clears, and that by 15 he was fucked up. Odds are he wasn't letting the bong fill up much before he cleared it or wasn't inhaling it fully or something.

    Well the thread was posted on 4/22 and got some responses that day, then no one posted here till 5/16, and then no one replied until today, so it hasn't really "been coming up for months."

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