24x16 room help whit vpd slow growth

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  1. Hi guys i have few rooms an im having big problems whit my veg. i have a 24x16 room 12x double ended hps whit 5 ton air a/c 18 inch dock , bottled c02 50 lbs c02 controller and ideal air 165 pint humidifier and 300 pint 240v dehumidier. My problem is i never get the plant to pray in the air they always look stressed, so the problem is whit my temperature, if i put the a/c to the max it will be 23 celcius even 22 and the a/c (cool on) will shut off and then my temperature will spike up to 26.9 before a/c will go back on again.so always a fluctactions between 23 to 27 light on. c02 about only 700 ppm exhaust runing all time 50% (12inch) 12 foot ceilling. so how can i setup my room so i get the perfect vpd ? hot and humid? the ild guys always told me the a/c should never shut down?(picture same room old setup on first run whit single ended hps) now on tables 18 inch high from ground) So shoul i put more load put the thermostat somewherelse? ,it on the return of the a/c now.

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