24hr to 20/4 for 1night and back 24hr?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by cropfarmer18, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. would this be ok just i cant keep opening and closing grow room a just 4 hrs so im gonna screw it n keep em on 24hr cycle untill i swith to flowering will this harm my plants,

    5-6inch tall, fat stems and they looked like they need a break as they seemd to be stressing themselfs from all the light,CFL lights x4 20actual watts, 2 on each thats 40watt a plant and there 3-4inch away from tops.

    as i turned the light off for the first time last night at nine and turned it back on at 1 in the morning would i HAVE to turn it back off again tonight basically not to hurt my plants?

  2. also they have been growing for 20days, on there 4th-5th leaf sets
  3. I messed up my light schedule too. I have gone from 18/6 to 24hr and back and forth a couple times in the last week. I don't believe it will hurt the plants.
  4. Its best to keep a constant schedule. Plants stress a little when the light schedule switches, so its best to keep this to a minimum. If you're shaky about it, start at 24/0 from sprout like I did. I have great growth its like a bush. You can always switch to 18/6 after a few weeks and leave it like that til flower, or just stay at 24/0.

    For you, I would just keep it at 24/0. Maybe switch to 18/6 a few weeks before flowering...

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