24hr light cycle to 18/6 when?

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  1. When should I go to 18/6 light cycle I have been currently been on 24hr about 7 days. The 4 plants are in a DWC system. All four plants have at least one strong looking root in the water some longer than others. I already gave a dose of nutes at about 20% strength the tecnaflora starter kit ph is at 6.0 and the ppm is 255. The plants have their first set of leaves and they look strong. They are under about 400watts of cfl light right now, but will change to a 600watt MH or I also have a HPS which one should I switch to for the rest of the veg cycle?? So any suggestion or experiences would be greatly appreciated Thank you[​IMG]
  2. I waited two weeks to switch them to my 600w MH for my soil grow. Little reminder keep airflow
  3. You can keep the plants in 24 hrs of light throughout the entire veg cycle if you want to. MH is best for veg, HPS for flowering. But... I use both my HPS AND MH during flowering and I get the densest buds imaginable by using them both.
  4. You dont have to go to a 18/6 light cycle. You can stay 24/0 in veg. Thats up to you really. Some say plants need rest theres no proof of that thats people applying human characteristics thinking plants need to sleep to. Most do less then 24/0 since that 6 hours of power off day lowers the bill alot of times.
  5. I only switch to 18/6 if I have heat issues. The lights will go out around 10 am and come back on around 4pm.
  6. Thanks for the info. I thought plants would need rest so I never would have thought I could have went 24/7 for the whole veg Thanks. Any more info or experiances would be great Thanks..

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