24hoursof light during veg stage

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bxzilla, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. what up im kev, will I get more yields if i veg for 6-8 weeks with 24hour of 1000w metal halide lights or run them 18/6 a day? (i will be using co2 and the best nutes avaible)
    also what the minimum plant height to jump to flowering?
  2. Your going to need a dark period if you do 24hrs on, but the plants will get bigger quicker.

    You can force them into flowering at any height, but it really depends on your set-up. If your just doing a few plants, then harvest, and start a few more plants let em get tall, but if your doing perpetual SOG grow 15" is a good height to start flowering that way light can penitrate deeper into the foliage. If this is your first grow don't start out crazy like you plan on start out by keeping it simple, once you get the hang of things then start wiln' out on your room. Start out too big, and your bound to have lots of bumps along the way, especially if you have no gardening experience, I grew up around flowers, and plants so making the transition to growing ganja was pretty easy. Don't confuse yourself with crazy light ducting, ventilation, tweaking light on/off time, co2 until you've done the basic's, and since your posting this here you haven't done the basic's yet. You might not have wanted to hear all that, but its an outsiders opinion to help you step back, and re-think your plans a bit.

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