240W CFL too much for this space?

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  1. Just started flower today in a box 2 x 2 x 5 H Under 8x40W soft white cfls with 3000 lumen output each. There is a exhaust fan on top ran into attic with dryer exhaust tubes. Undernearth that i have a 9v .14 computer fan just mounted on the wall blowing up to the exhaust. Another 12 watt for intake connected to closet door hole, i took the knob off and connected it there. The temp stays at a solid 82... a lil high i think with 240W...Should i keep my closet door open? most importantly is this space too small for this wattage?
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    Keeping the door open is going to be a problem when you go to flower as they need to have 12 hours of total darkness, not an issue if your home at lights off and on every day. You may just need to work on your ventilation and pull some cooler air into the space and a larger exhaust fan.

    As far as wattage I have 2 plants in a 2 x 3 space with 504wof cfls on them.

    Edit if your just dumping up in the attic you can run one of the duct booster suncourt fans. They arent good if using more than about 4 - 6ft of ducting but may work for you
  3. what type of ventilation you using?
  4. Not too much light for that space.
  5. toasty check the sick plants forum... i posted pics of the problems im having trouble with that you replied to before....

    Is 82 degrees too hot? my lights are only 3 inches above plant, in some spots 5
  6. No, in my opinion, 82 is ok. Try not to let it get much higher though. And you are fine on wattage....you cant really have too many CFLs.
  7. Alright, thanks man just making sure:cool:

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