2400w soil grow + 4000w hydro grow, Blue moonshine, Island sweet skunk

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  1. If I was in your shoes I would love to cure my buds as long as you but it's always dry around here and no one seems to care because it's still way, way better then anything else that makes it way around here. Anyways I trim, then hang the buds on lines to dry for 4-7 days. Once my buds get a nice and dry crispy feel to them I cut them from the stems, and cure them out in mason jars for about a week or two before it hits the street. I'll take the lids off a few times a day for the first week and then every other couple days after that. By no means is this the best way to cure buds, but it works for me and I dont get complaints so it cant be to horrible. I'll post some pictures of some of my dried buds once I upload them.

    Pulled 5lbs off the hydro grow and 3lbs off the soil grow. I hope to pull close to 8lbs just off the hydro grow next time and I'll be throwing in another 1000w in my soil grow to bump it up to 3400w. I'll keep you guys updated.

  2. I don't know what your space limitations are, but have you considered using light movers? this should kick up your yield.

  3. Thats my biggest problem is both rooms I grow in are pretty damn small compared with your set-up. I would say my biggest problem on this grow, was the strain (blue moonshine), it's a great high and smells amazing but it just does not produce. The hydro grow was a disapointment because I had to deal with problems right from the begining (damn liquid cooled lights) and ended up hurting about half a tray's worth of plants. This next grow will be much better now that everything is dialed in.
  4. nice grow my man
  5. Thanks man!
  6. This grow was awesome dude. I can't wait to follow your new one. I've been watching sugardaddies current one too haha. Awesome.

  7. What problems were you having with the liquid cooled lights? I'm wondering since I'm interested in using them. Any suggestions or advice on the water cooled lights? Thanks. Amazing grow by the way.
  8. Keeping the liquid cool was a pain. Your going to need a very expensive and powerful chiller if you plan on running 4K watts or more. I also had a lot of leaks I had to fix. All I can say is, expect to spend some time getting everything set-up perfect.
  9. Nice looking grow, what kind of hydrsetup are you useing? I have 3 plants in bubble buckets and they take up all my free time (about an hour a day), but I am looking to go to flower 12 plants at a time and trying to decide on a set up.

  10. My hydro set up is 2 70 gallon reservoir's with 2 8x4 botanicare tray's. I have a pump sending all the water through 4 drip lines placed around each pot (30 pots per tray). It's not totally dialed down but i have a good feeling about my next grow.
  11. hey i was just wondering how much your electricity bill costs to run every month
    thanks :D
  12. hydro is an extra 400 a month, including the chiller, pumps, inline fans etc...

    soil is an extra 250 a month including inline fans
  13. do you ever get worried about your electricity being to high?

  14. I use to, but as long as you dont exceed 5-6k watts you should be fine. Ive heard 1K watt per bedroom........
  15. and always pay your bill on time, don't ever let it get behind.
  16. Bump! Where you at bro?
  17. This guy has been MIA for a month...???? Hope all is well
  18. he could be taking a break, I do the same thing from time to time, just so I can feel normal again, get out and socialize, take a vacation, or tend to family matters, before going back to hermit mode. either way, I do hope he is well.
  19. Ill be glad to get to that point :D. Think I will be ready for a First Journal soon
  20. Aww pics are gone =( that saddens me . Here at Grasscity we don't like Indian givers :p

    I bet it was good , sorry I missed it , pretty much my fault I didn't get to see the pics.

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