2400w soil grow + 4000w hydro grow, Blue moonshine, Island sweet skunk

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  1. amazing man, ill definitely be watching this. gonna be another wicked harvest for ya :D
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    Oh, yea! Thanks bro

    Heres two pics I took of my hydro grow today. This shed is very stinky right now, good thing it's set on a few acres!
  3. Hey man, grow looks great.

    What kind of hoods are those for your lights?
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    Its the Magnum reflector by sun systems. I also added 1/2" tempered glass to all of them to help maintain the heat.

    Heres a few pics of my the soil grow. They have about a week of nutes left and then flush, so not to far out at all. The I.S.S. smells like fruity pebbles and the bm smells quite amazing to. I am a big fan of floranectar, this really add's a great smell and taste to my buds. The buds are stacked with trich's so this is bound to be a very good and tasty crop.

    Crappy pics, like usual but you get the idea. I'll snap some pics of my hydro grow in a day or two and post an update.
  5. Hope you have lots of helpers to harvest those massive bitches!! Great job on your grow, and good luck on this upcoming harvest!! pro
  6. Thanks for the kind words man. It'll just be me and my boy trimming these. I figure it'll take 2 1/2-3 full days of trimming from 9am-9pm. :smoke:
  7. Can I ask what the epsom salt does for the plant?
  8. epsom salts is magnesium the plants need
  9. Thank you

  10. fire setup lookin good as hell man...i know the smoke is bangin huh??
  11. got me hooked on your grow, i cant wait to see the end product =]
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    Sorry for the delay, I've been busy away trimming pound upon pound. The hydro grow yielded about 6lbs and the soil yielded a solid 3lbs. I forgot to take some pics of the hydro but heres some pics of the soil grow.

    5 strings going across the right side of the room:

    3 strings going down the left side:

    First half of cola buds:

    2nd half of cola's:
  13. lol man, all of these huge grows on here (well really only yours on sugar daddies) are making me wanna do this. I no its a lot of effort and you have to plan it out very wisly but fuck dude im really thinking about this, maybe not as big maybe a solid 10 plants at a time or somthing. But shit looks amazing bro, get back to us with the dry weight
  14. How long did it take you to harvest everything?
  15. Hydro took FOREVER! I seriously spent 4 days straight from around 10am to 10pm. Soil took about 6 hours one day and about 16 full hours the next day. I'm glad its over. (mind you, I was trimming with my best friend who is just as effecient as me)

  16. hahaha, just like a real job, you get burned out on it after a while, I know I do, my shit takes me 10-14 days to harvest, 6hrs of triming each night. all by my-fucking-self. at least you had help.

  17. I feel your pain bro, thats alot of trimming to do by yourself. I hate harvesting but there is not one thing I can think of where time moves by as fast. You'll be sitting there trimming and glance at the clock, then by the next time you glance up hours have rolled by. [insert waterboy voice] YOU CAN DOOOO ITTTTTTT!!!! ALL NIGHT LONG! [/end waterboy voice]:D
  18. time goes by slow for me, but in the end, i sit there and trim and think to myself, where else can i make 400$ an hour without someone looking over my shoulder micro-managing me. then i snap out of it and do my thing.
  19. Sup SVT,

    so how do you process and cure your product?? updated pics in my thread on how i process and cure mine.

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