24 wiqde x 22 deep x 48 tall

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  1. Thinking about setting up a bubble bucket SCROG. Will this be enough room for a decent grow? Looking for any advice or opinions. I already have a cabinet built and planning on following Rumple
  2. ..... design for the bubble bucket
  3. image-2857362035.png

    Here's my cabinet. Its just bare now but I'll b putting some more work into this baby soon
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    EDIT: fail. I wrote about how plants can't grow in a 2 by 2 foot area. I reread the main post and for some reason I had different dimensions in my head :laughing:.

    That would be good for a 1 plant scrog for sure and 2 could work nicely. What kind of lighting are you planning on?
  5. This will definately be a cfl grow. Not sure on the amount of lights or the exact setup yet, just gonna do my best to keep the cost at a minimum with maximum results.

    I agree about sticking with one plant, my problem is that I'm starting from seed and going to use this cab for veg and flower. Going to start a few seeds and then pick the best fem and trash the rest. Eventually hope to build a 2nd cab and set up a mother/cloning/veg room. Wondering if I should start this one as the mother cab and build another a little taller for flower
  6. That all sounds pretty good it sounds like you've put some thought into this. I would aim for try and make it a square for flowering instead of rectangular too, to get the most out of your light distribution.

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