24 test positive for marijuana at nursing home

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    "Twenty four patients at Claiborne County Nursing Home tested positive for marijuana this weekend. Administrators were baffled until Monday.

    Claiborne County Nursing Home says it contacted the Tennessee State Health Department, the TBI, and local police when an elderly patient first tested positive for marijuana last week.

    They say more tests tell a different story.

    Mossie Roark's children got the shock of their lives when their 84-year-old mother tested positive for marijuana. Her daughter Brenda Short said, "I don't know what to think. It just floored me and everybody else."

    Benda Short's mother lives in the Claiborne County Nursing Home. She tested positive when brought to the adjoining E.R. for treatment. Roark's lab results weren't the first or last to show marijuana.

    Linda Vanlandingham says two positive tests prompted them to
    screen the more than ninety people living there. Twenty four of them tested positive for marijuana.

    The common factor between those testing positive was a particular prescription drug for acid-reflux that one initial test interpreted as marijuana.

    The manufacturer of the drug screening kit used by the hospital confirms high levels of the particular prescription drug can give a false positive result for marijuana.

    The hospital has two independent labs working to double check those tests. So far, one patient has come back negative for marijuana."
    12/16/2002 6:23:57 PM

    Reporter: Kay Watson

    I just got a big kick out of this, I was so amused by the idea that a group of elderly people were sneaking down to the boiler room of this nursing home to spark one up, then i found out it was because of that medication. Damn medication, always messing things up.

    Here's the source: http://www.wbir.com/News/news.asp?ID=10320
  2. Ha! That's a great mental picture.....All these little 'ol people running off to toke up. Hehe... Too bad it wasn't true huh?
  3. It's been all over the news here. Claiborne Co. isn't that far away from me. When the news chick first started talking about it, she kind of played it up to make it appear as if they had been toking but then she threw the drug bit in there. I bet some little old lady out there had her hopes up and decided she wanted to go to the nursing home after all!
  4. my train of thought was more along the lines of anger and how fucking pathetic it is that this nursing home would decide to fuck with these old people that have paid their debts to society and wanted nothing more than some sort of relief from the degradation of having their ass wiped by someone else.
  5. but then i found out they just had heartburn.

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