24 hrs or 18/6 ??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CheesyPeace, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I am going about 48 on 4 off to cool down. they are only 1 inch seedlings but i want to grow 24 on 0 off to get faster growth. But i read somewhere that 18/6 makes more females.. So maybe I will go 20 on 4 off or 22 on 2 off.

    My power bill is not a concern here as i only have 1 light. Also I lowered the 400 wat mh to about 20 " above the seedlings and temp is about 85. Is this good?

    Can anyone share some of their ideas about vegetative photoperiod.
  2. I've grown my first two batches on 24-0 and had no problems. Female-Male ratio was 3:1 and my plants grew faster during vegetation than I expected.

    Males and Females are decided when the seeds are made. No special light schedule will give more females.

    Also, I'm pretty sure plants dont grow while the light is off, and foliage growth is the main purpose of vegetation

    So I would definitely recommend 24-0.
  3. plants still grow when lights off and while lights off roots develope faster

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