24 hours of darkness

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  1. Has anybody put their girls on 24 hours of darkness just before 12/12?

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  2. I've never personally done it before.....but know "it's a thing" to some growers......if there is a benefit from it that actually "works"...........I do not know
  3. We cannabis growers should resist the temptation to do to our plants what commercial growers of other crops do not do to their plants.
    What the commercial growers do is based on peer reviewed science.
    What many cannabis growers do is based on silly internet posts.

    24 hours of darkness is in the latter category.
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  4. I never understood why anyone would do this. 4.3 bazillion years of Sun up Sun down, it's probably programmed somewhere in our genes, it's the same our entire lives, everything, especially plants, live and thrive off that cycle, and suddenly people think the Sun should take a day off...lol!

    Same with the 36 hrs of darkness before harvest I have seen people claim on various sites. I don't get it.
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  5. Yeah I have. When I switch to 12/12 it may already be in their 6 hour dark period so depending if I want to change the dark cycle to a different time they might get their 6 hour dark period, then 6 hours of adjustment, and then the first 12 hours of flower cycle.

    Or sometimes I want to get them started right away and they're about to have their day period so I leave the lights off at first to get them on the flowering cycle right away

    There is nothing magical about it but it won't harm them
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  6. You know us "stoners" we think changing something up is gonna make it SPECIAL and DANK AF!!!!

    It's like...........:RoorRip:......:smoking-bong:.........:passing-joint:.......:passtheshit:.......:volcano:.....:GettingStoned:

    Broooooo...you know what would be SICK?!?!? Give our plants 2 solid days of darkness to let them bitches frost up like Mt. Everest!

    ...........................HELL YEAH BROOOOO
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  7. Eeeeeeeevrybody wants to re- invent the wheel these days....:lmafoe:
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  8. That's 4.5 billion years
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    ive tried the 24 hours darkness before flipping the lights to 12/12 ,it supposed to help set the plant in to flowering mode ,,,but never made any difference like going in to flower quicker ,,,but i think in doing so by giving the 12/12 darkness when the plant is still in veg will( and then switching back to 18 hours light/may show its sex quicker if you using regular seed ..mac,
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