24 hours of darkness before harvest question

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  1. So I have been reading around on the validity of letting cannabis sit in the dark 24 hours before harvesting for a few reasons:

    The main being that at dark the plant sends up taken food back into the root system to be stored for when the light comes back on (thus providing a cleaner less harsh smoke that pairs well with proper curing and drying of course)

    Chlorophyll starts to degrade @ 24 hours of darkness

    and some people claim that it resin seems to be highest in the morning than after the lights have been on all day.

    I'm not really questioning the validity but does anyone have any experience they would like to share? I am thinking of trying this but would like to know how other people do it. Would It be wise to have an oscillation fan in the darkness or just let them sit? --- Any thing else I could do to help get the most trichs out of the plant in the last few days?
  2. i did the exact thing you are talking about not a magnificant differnece though but it is true that you see more resin and smell more of the aroma in the moring hoursand this is also the best time to feed plants.
  3. Actually in my bio class there was a demonstration where a plant was left in the dark for 48 hours. When they did an iodine test on a leaf from the plant it was negative for starch. A plant which had been in light for the previous 48 hours tested positive for starch. I've never seen any conclusive evidence on whether more THC is produced by leaving plants in the dark, but last time I checked starch doesn't get you high. I'd leave plants in the dark before harvest for that benefit alone.

  4. Well that is good, we don't want all those extra sugars and such. My bud isnt even dried completly/cured at all and it still has an amazing smooth taste already. That alone is good enough for me :D

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