24 hour seedlings moving to outside...

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  1. hey guys, I have 3 seedlings (pineapple chunk, Lemon skunk, Rocklock) going under 24/7 light schedule. and I did leave them outside overnight once... didn't seem to do much.

    but what I am worried about is that when the weather turns nice enough (fucking hate the northwest) and I put them outside...

    will they start flowering?

    I want them to just continue growing obviously they're only 2 weeks old and 3 inches tall.

    right now sunrise is at 5:30 AM and sunset is 8:30 - so outside daylight would be around 15 hours...

    I'd appreciate some input, thanks everyone!
  2. yeah dude they will continue to grow vegetatively until the amount of light decreases sufficiently.

    This varies by strain though.

    Also the days are getting longer until the solstice happens in June, then as the days begin to shorten the plants will sense this and begin to flower.

    You are fine to put them outside as long as you have kept them on a vegging light cycle indoors.

    Hope that helps
  3. Well I have them Vegging inside, but under 24/7 Light schedule...

    I'm just wondering, if I put them outside with 15 hours of light a day, will it be a complete disaster and go into flowering, and the back in to Veg, and severely slow the plants Growth process?
  4. Nope. Cannabis usually triggers into flowering around 12-14 hrs of light. depending on strain. Even if she does (99% sure she won't) go into flower she will gradually go back to veg because the days are getting longer like stated above.

    I wouldn't worry about it. She'll be fine. Some people veg with 16hrs of ligjt. I don't! But some do.
  5. youll be fine i do that all the time, usually i grow them for 1-2 weeks under 24/0 or 18/6 then transfer to outside so there stronger for the outdoors.
  6. When this super soaker weather ends and we get into the 70's and 80's, every outdoor plant is going to take off and grow rapidly.

    I can't wait. Hoping every one survives this spring flood.
  7. If they're sexually mature, 4-8 weeks with alternating nodes or any clone, they can go into flower with that drastic a light cycle change. Most will return to a vegetative state as daylight increases, but why put them through that stress? I start in March at 24/7, florescent lighting, and gradually reduce my lighting schedule to 15/9 by May, when they go outside full-time. Which is what I'm doing this week.
  8. thanks for the responses guys, I will get a picture later today, and post it up here for you all to see my seedlings...
  9. I'm curious about this question as well. I have 2 plants in 5 gal pots under 24/0 cfls right now. I made chicken wire domes to scrog the plants with. They seem to be loving the ~85 F climate inside my cab now...but i wanna move them outside. They're about 2 months old now from germination...I'm just waiting for warmer weather with less rain...

    I figure I can always put them away in the cab at night to force a 12/12 schedule earlier than nature if I need to...:rolleyes:
  10. I would suggest Slowly reducing the amount of light to a schedule closer to what it will be when you bring them outside.
  11. Sounds like you might be surprised at what will be explosive growth from outdoor sunlight in June and July.

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