24 hour flourescent lighting for my babies - is that ok? they are going outside soon.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by taitpeter, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. I have four of my babies inside under a flourescent bulb. They are about 8" away from the light and they are doing very well.
    I plan to move them outside once they are well established.

    -Is keeping them under 24 hour flourescent light ok?

    -Is 8" too close? (they are only about 1 inch tall)

    -Will they be okay once i put them outside?

    -What should i do to prepare the for the ouside?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. sup! since youre doing 24hrs and plan on moving them outside, you have to consider youre going to be drastically altering the light program the plants are used to. the summer solstice was today, so time is kinda against you. how long do you plan on vegn before moving outdoors? you can do 24hrs, but prolly will benifit from 18/6. if you have a fan, use it to beef the stems up. you want them to be established before moving outdoors, you will also want to move that light about 5 inches closer to the plants. floros dont normally run hot, so you can get away with this making that internode spacing really tight. gl and welcome the the City! :D
  3. I have the same type of setup but i got 8 plants and two florescents 18" a peice. Sometimes when there is a sunny day i put them on the window plus this weekend i transplanted them into half gallon pots with a mix of perlite soil and manue plus i added a little lime to keep the PH down. I also water them with PH controlled water around 6.0. My space is mad small its about one foot by three feet so i got about 3 sq feet. not much. I put aluminum foil arount the whole thing and built a aluminum foil door. but i got no fan. Should I try too add some of those new spiral florys for more light?? Also i was planning on put a net across the top so they would not get to big like a scrog garden. God idea?? also you think i should switch to 18/6 cause right now i am also on 24 hour light.
  4. sounds like youve been doing your homework! thats good to hear and rare too, thanks for the info, and let me see what i can do to help. yes the fan would be a good idea for air exchange, heat control and to get the stem strong. how many watts are your floros? with the amount of space youre talking, you could easily squeeze 4 maybe 5 of the compacts in there increasing your lumen output. may get a lil warm though so you may have to setup some type of passive intake. i would suggest you switch to 18-6. everyone has there opinions. some people think the plants dont need a rest, i beg to differ. that extra 6 hours of darkness allows sugars to move, so let it rest plus it saves you money onelectricity, energy prices already suck. gl! welcome to the city
  5. Wow this post was refreshing..... :D

    Naughty Dread is right (like usual) and a big shorty welcome to the board.
  6. I am taking the advice and shutting the light off from 6pm-12am. Oh i forgot to say that When i transplanted i watered the plants with some fertilizer 20-20-20. I think i am watering to much, I am watering everynight I use a spray and get it pretty wet. I read a post saying that a guy was water every 3-4 days so i am getting scared. I will buy some spriral florys today or tommarow and also grab my cousins digital to snap some pics. Oh yea i forgot to say also that i am working with bag seed. It started as a joke with my wife I never figured the seeds would even germinate but now they are a goood 3" tall 14 days in. Any advice on the watering schudule?? My florys are 18" 15W so if i add two spriral florys what would you recommend for wattage?
  7. Id just get 2 40 watt fluoros. You can never have too much light :)
  8. yeah ease up on the watering, you dont want to drown them, they like air too lol , the ferts, they really dont need it till about the 3rd week of veg. they are sustained by the embryo leaves for about that time before gettin hungry...but youve already ferted so id wait maybe 1 more week before anymore nutes and maybe at half strength. yea that bagseed can be the butt end of some jokes, but all those jokes can be taken back in most cases. i grow em with no problems, but i do desire to move on to genetics. i havent seen a 40 watt twistie, but ive seen and own a 42watt twistie, 26 watts are more than enough if thats your interested.
  9. I brought two 26watt twisties yesterday at the home depot and a 3 prong strp cord heavey duty. Those things are very veyr bright combined with the two 18" floreys. I also turned the light out from 10pm-4am and i did not water yesterday. I need a fan setup somehow. I will post some pics this week
  10. Hey since my space is soooooo small can I also start pruning or does that have tobe done when the first leaves come up???
  11. you dont want to prune...not yet atleast. id wait till the plants are atleast 3 weeks before introducing that type of stress. if your concerned about space, and keeping the plants nice, short and bushy look into LST...if you havent, you would be amazed of the advatages. i have several pics describing the procedure in the first couple of pages of my journal with pics.

  12. I dont want to sound dumb but i could not make out the way you tied the plants down they were soo freackin nice and bushsy. I want to do the same thing. I would take the very top of my plants and tie them to the root stem basiclly having the top point facing the dirt. Then i take paper clips and fold the bottem leaves with them??? Is this right?? Damn your plants looked amazing after you did this.
  13. lol u guys are hijacking his thread.

    leaving them on 24/7 and then moving them outside my cause them to flower early. i would recommend switching it to 18/6 or even maybe 16/8 before going outside so it can get used to the lighting schedule.

  14. Ok its been real long since i have posted anything but my plants are about 8 inchs tall and i tranined a couple of them but one of them broke when i tied it down which kind of sucked now its still growing but its kind of weird with no top. Should i trash it??? One other problem to my little space got much smaller real quick. Most of my plants are touching the cieling. Is this healthy or should i try to make more room?? I just kind of bend the tops so they fit into the closet. they are about 6 weeks old now and i never knew bag seed could look so good.
  15. I would deffinitely look into getting more space. If you are just living with your wife, I would consider hijacking a whole closet to your full advantage. You won't regret it. You can use the top as a cloning chamber, and the bottom for vegging and whatnot. I would at least consider it. What ever you do, get more room :) heh, what a great slogan.

    "What ever you do, get more room!" fuck I am an idiot...
  16. Get cf's.....they work great at 1/8th the space.......$4 a crack for a 100w you cant go wrong.....n
  17. Yea so i took a shelf out of my closet and doubled the space. My plants already look a lot better. I am going to wait until they are about 1 foot high to start in on the 12/12 lighting. Probley another 2 weeks and the least. The only drawback is now i have to leave the door cracked open becasue my wife got a freakin cat and put the litter box in the closet.
  18. me and my buddy have a set up at his place, i got 2 about 4 foot long flourescents, made specially for growing indoors(not sure of wattage), and they are about 2 months old, and there is 6 of them, i have them on 24 hour light right now, they are all around 2 and a half feet tall, i was wondering if i should gradually decrease the amount of light or just go straight to 18/6, then from there got directly to 12/12 once i feel they are big enough and are ready to force the flowering, or just wait until they grow in the vegetation stage for a while longer then go straight to 12/12.. ive been hearin different opions , not sure which way i should go with it from here

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