24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness or Planet Fitness

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  1. Pick your favorite and which you would subscribe to if you were to choose, or your current choice. If you don't like any of these feel free to name another one along with your answer to the above.
  2. Planet F-- PLANET FITNESS!? Oh hell no.

    I'm currently subbed to a 24 Hour Fitness and I love it. Never been to LA Fitness though; I'm on the east coast.
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  3. Apparently planet fitness sounds an alarm if you're caught grunting lol.
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  4. I'm on the east coast too and there are LA fitness's around. And I also heard about the alarm blaring if grunts happen. I have been going to 24 hour for 8 years and just the past 2 months tried out both others once. PF has a massage section with tv's if you pay $20 a month for a black card but you are in barney world and apparently you risk sounding an alarm, which might possibly get you kicked out, not sure... And LAF is pretty legit and sort of fancy with this particular place having a smoothie bar and racket ball courts+ basketball.

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