24/7 or 16/8

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  1. I have one afgan kush plant under a 2ft 4 bulb floro. I had my plant originally on 24/7, but I switched it to 18/6 when I had to move it out of AC cooled environment (The light was off during the highest heat of the day). It is back in the AC cooled environment, but i keep it at 18/6 still. I am doing this so i have a period that i can spray my plant, with the light off. Would it be better for me to switch back to 24/7, and can i spray my plants with a 2ft 4 bulb floro about 10 inches away on.
  2. Don't spray your plants.
  3. I spray my plant with Advanced nutrients, VHO and emerald shaman. I also use thrive alive. This plant looks twice as bushy as the last 3 I grew and I didn't spray those with the vho or emerald shaman
  4. You seem to know best. Spray away my friend.
  5. hahaha excellent usage of good advice brah
  6. hey guy, i ue spray n grow on the bottom of my ww leaves and man they love it, just mist em, dont wnat to build up droplets, and leave no light on until they dry. the water droplets will act like a magnifying glass and cause burning. 30% higher yield man. havent used anyother method though, so good luck.

    i am veging 2 big ww ladies and 5 mixed strains that are still small, hydro- flood drain, i will be spray feeding once or twice in 30 days.

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