24/0 good idea?

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  1. Will a 24/0 light scheldule make my plant sad or more prone to disease. Do plants need some rest, some darkness.

    Does it really result in less vegging time?

    My greatest priority is the happiness of my plant, so please take that into consideration.
  2. I keep my veg room at 24/0 I've never had a problem. :smoke:
  3. 24/0 is the way to go, my friend. So long as you have sufficient airflow, a good temp and humidity range, you will be fine!
  4. Nope to the plant its like one looong ass day. Youll obviously use more power though. Alot say 18/6 is the sweet spot.

    Doesnt really result in less vegging time since that time is up to you. You can veg for 1 day or for 5 years or forever.
  5. There is some benefit to a dark period, but they don't need it. For maximum plant health 18/6 is probably best. With that being said I do 24/0 currently.
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    I find it does result in less vegging time. I also find, as a result of that, it doesn't use more power in the long run. The power use is just more dense in that time range. This is only my opinion.

    @Lay Low

    I agree, for plant health, 18/6. For faster growth, 24/0 (what I'm using currently).

    With 18/6 it's easier to manage your climate.
  7. I've grown plants on 18/6 and 24/0 and the 24/0 grew faster and seemed at least as healthy, if not more than the others. Plants in the vegetative state really don't have any need for a dark period. Some say the roots grow faster at night, but I'd rather have a big plant that isn't root bound, than a bucket full of roots with a slow growing plant on top. The best results for growth and bud production seem to be 24/0 veg and 12/12 flower.
  8. Great point mjmama! +rep

    And yea, I don't have any problems keeping 'em healthy on 24/0, from what I've read, though, people with jerry rigged ventilation systems need some cool down time and people with different climates.

    Bottom line is try 'em both. Personally I'd start with 24/0 and if you don't like the results (have trouble keeping the climate good 24h a day, etc) on your next grow try 18/6.
  9. This is a long, ongoing debate that won't end here. Both 24/0 and 18/6 work well, go with whatever "feels" right for you.

    This is a critical point -- regardless of what you think is best for the plants or saves money or causes faster growth, sometimes you are best off to go dark each day during the warmest part of the day to maintain overall temps. My grow gets too hot in the middle of the day, so it doesn't matter if I prefer 24/0 or 18/6, I go dark 6 hours noon to 6pm to keep things cool.
  10. I know this, after switching to 24/0, my plants started to grow a lot better. My goal was to switch a flowering plant back to veg state. I'm still not sure if this is possible. The plant was in flowering longer than I wanted it to be.
  11. Yes it's possible, but it isn't advisable because it adds weeks and weeks to the grow. It takes a while for the plant's hormonal reactions to get hitting on all cylinders for flowering, and then once it does you put it in reverse, which takes a while to slow down the flowering reaction and reverse it back to vegging, and then a while later down the road to again shift out of vegging and back into flowering. And you're paying for extra electricity and nutes and such during this whole time spinning your wheels.
  12. 24/0 results in faster growth when the light intensity used was never at it's peak in 18/6. That is why you guys see faster growth, but there is a point when plants are exposed to too much light under 24/0. It's called photoinhibition. If you have enough light to cause that under 24/0 it would be better for both growth and plant health to give a dark period.

    18/6 can be faster than 24/0 even if temps and rh are kept perfect if enough light is provided. Most people don't use such high intensities during veg though, so for most people 24/0 will likely provide faster growth.
  13. I use 24/0... idk if it grows faster, but during veg I can always go look at my girls without turning the lights back on and messing up my timer. just like the others have posted, it is totally up to you.
  14. Just wondering what kind of intensity the lights would have to be at to cause photoinhibition? I'm talking in lumens.

  15. That's kind of a tough question to answer because scientific research on plants is done without the use of lumens as a measurement. Botanists never use lumens, they use PPFD or PUR. The maximum intensity as measured in PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) is 1500 microE/m²/second. It converts into roughly what cannabis growers have known in a less scientific way for a long time.

    The traditional recommendations on lights, eg., 400 watt HID for 2x2 area, 600 watt for 3x3, and 1000 watt for 4x4 result in approximately the optimal light intensity for cannabis. This is for flowering though, so the plants only see that light for 12 hours a day. If you vegged with that same intensity under 24/0 it doubles the light they see each day, and would probably cause photoinhibition (unless the person just raised the lights up enough to reduce the intensity).
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    I've always vegged under 24/0. I did a short test at the beginning of my current grow under 18/6 and definitely noticed very slightly slower progress.
    I'm back on 24/0 during veg forever.
  17. Yea 24/0 is what im doing also.

    Question is, does it hurt the plant if I switch it to another cycle?

    [I dont mean to flower]
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    No. I will be switching to 12/12 from this 24/0.

  19. It wont hurt the plant when the photo-period is gradually dropped back. But once you do drop it back it will hurt the plant to lengthen the photo-period.
  20. True, but I just thought I'd add that sometimes that's desirable, to throw a flowering plant back into veg.

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