23w CFL + foliage spray = amazing results??

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  1. Apparently this guy grew this plant using only ONE 23w 2700k CFL and some kinda super foliage spray.. I don't know if I can believe him. Check out the video

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHmL6kCZZcc]YouTube - Mini Monster Plant grown with 23 watt cfl + Super Foliage Spray (Jezebel is her name)[/ame]

    what do you guys think?
  2. WoW! OMG! i cant belive it! his plant grew that much?!?!

    I bet that.... BULLSHIT.

    I bet he used one light then left it out side in the sun and added nutes.
  3. I believe anything is possible.
  4. Where are the buds? Show me the buds!
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    he cant show you the buds..... he only used 23w of cfl

    you need a jewelers loop to see those buds
  6. BS- just cuz he gave them a super food source they still need light for photosynthesis. come on guys....natures laws still apply. i spray my plants with light too. cept mine comes from a bulb.
  7. its probably bs but you gotta take into consideration that you are growing a weed.
    weeds will grow under many different circumstances. sure the way we prefer to grow is to perfection. but it doesnt necessarily mean that a plant cant grow to be that big under 1 light. im sure if he maintained the plant properly and used all he had to work with then i believe this may be possible. he could've had a damn good reflector and mylar everywhere.

    i mean it doesnt look like that plant can go through flower in that half liter, chopped up coke cup. it would deff get root bound if it isnt already.

    i think its possible.

    hell i saw a kid grow a plant for a good month on a window sill. of course it eventually croaked but anything is possible
  8. i vegged a clone with two 23 watters for a long time and it got that big, wasnt as bushy tho and plus i had to do alot of tieing down because it was stretching alot
  9. I'm debating on buy the spray.. theres a thread on his website with people using the spray and it seems to makes the plants extremely bushy BUT, those guys aren't using 23w cfls lol
  10. Jesus that was like plant porno.I dont believe it was grown with just 23watts of flouro and its that compact.I was expectin progression not a dude standin in his bathroom for 5 min.
  11. I dont care if he used gods piss.You still need light.
  12. I never believe shit I see on the internet... unless of course if came from wikipedia :D
  13. Yea I was looking over at his forums and I can't find one person who tried growing using his spray and that such a low wattage cfl grow

  14. i think his "super foliar spray" is some kind of compost tea/molasses&he grew it PARTLY wif a 23 w cfl&the rest in the sun!in other words he's full of shit!
  15. i did this myself, 2700 is enough for 1 plant. but the buds will be another story..
  16. this is 100% fact! it was a 23 watt cfl ALONE for 18 hours and a few weeks. NO OTHER NUTES USED, just super foliage spray!!! :cool:
  17. the video has been taking down so I didn't get to see it. I know nothing about the spray, however there is a lot more to growing than just throwing more light at the plant. here are a few photos of a 1x1ft grow area lit up with just 2x 20watt cfls

  18. here's a mother plant grown in the same box


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