23w 100w Equivalant 6500k Daylight CFL's

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  1. Goddamn i HAVE to say ive had mine in for about 12 hours now and they were on for about 3 hours then my dark period and back on at like noonish (its timed im just not sure what it is extly) and i got a new set of fan leaves, last night it was just coming out of the top, now this morning, after the change in lighting from reg. CFL's to the Daylight 6500k, i got a new set of fan leaves. Im just super surprised at how good these work, i cant wait to see them after work, anyone else here use these bulbs?:smoke:
  2. yea i have a few of those actually, cept mine are 3500k bright white
  3. Theyre nice man they work real good. I got a set of fan leaves over the course of 12 hours, so i think they do well.
  4. for those that might look at this thread and scratch their head. 6500k and 3500k are the spectrums, not the lumens.
  5. Ive did my first grow with a 400w HPS and now am using that soley for flowering, went out about 2 days ago and got 8 of the 23w 6500k daylights, its been about two days and I haven't noticed any outrageous growth yet. How close do you have them and how many plants are you growing them with?
  6. Well im growing one sativa.
    Using two 100w 6500's and a 24" CFL tube inside a speaker cabinet with matte white finish inside.
    Theyre about 2" away but placed strategiclly, one on each side and the tube along the back. The new fan leaves im refering to had already been growing but were not even fully developed out of the top and when i woke up this morning they had fully formed and stemmed about 1\8th of an inch stem and another set of fans were sprouting out. Nothing OUTRAGEOUS but much much better than the growth ive been seeing lately, it just caught me off guard ya know haha. peace
  7. Just picked up 6 myself today.
  8. they work well, i had 8, broke 2. then my 400mh/hps came in and now they are all over my house saving energy :)
  9. In a time where everyone is buying lightbulbs for growing :D

    I picked up 4 yesterday and i plan on getting Soft White 2500K bulbs in a month for flowering.
  10. Theyre pretty sweet dudes, they work fantastic, ive been using conventional cfls and you can REALLY see the diff. in color, and how they work on the plants. Like i said it wasnt a HUGE difference but it def works WAY better than just regular cfl's, thanks GC, i got the info to buy them here.
  11. yea i have 4 on a plant thats about 3 1/2 weeks old maybe a month, and its doing really nicely, its got purple stems and smells kinda like coffee... also when the new sets of leaves begin to come up at the top, they are green but with like purplish/redish tint then as they grow into full leaves they gradually grow green. its so cool to actually see progress hahaha the temp is about 75-78 degrees with a fan on it. it seems to like it haha
  12. no fan for me, ionic purifuer lol i love waking up n going to check my baby lol.
  13. im starting with 2 6500k CFLs in a desklamp fixture, so i can bend the light to where i need it to go. im germinating my seeds now, lets see how everything pans out in a few weeks

  14. I use 6 42 watt-actual (~200 watt equilvalent) 6500k clfs for vegging, and 6 6500k for flowering, and everything is turning out great! I also use 4 of those 25 watt cfls of the appropriate spectrum plugged into adaptors on a lightstrip as a suplemental light strip. So all in all about 300 actual watts of CFL light and my girls are all doing very well!
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    i just invested into 2 more 23w CFLs 2700k. so thats 2 cfls at 2700k and 2 cfls at 6500k...should i be set for 1-2 plants

    also, what kind of nutrients do you use? how and when do you start using nutrients?

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