23 years old super low sex drive

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  1. Iv been with my gf for only two years and loved every moment, but lately sex drive for me has dropped a shit ton and she seems to be going up.
    I don't jerk off to porn anymore even it just bores me and I can't help but to think what a stupid fucking bimbo. When girlfriend wants to play or does silly cuddling I never am in the mood I'm always tired and unmotivated for it. I use to have sex as much as humanly possible and jerked off a lot to. But last 4-5 months iv been just out of it like the importance or the pleasure I get out of it my brain just shut off. can someone help I'm only 23 and my girlfriend is very attractive to me and I don't know what's wrong with me I thought it was depression for a while doing it but now I have my dream job and life's good for a change... I am mentally actually pretty attuned and happy. Please help
  2. Do you lift heavy things?

    How's your diet?

    Do you get sunlight regularly?

    Enough sleep?
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    Diet has actually improved since. Lean lots veg rice fish/chicken proteins.
    I do get sunlight daily I walk my dogs for two hrs a day. I do NOT sleep enough never have that was never a changing factor though i have always been a insomniac. Sometimes I'm not sleeping till the bloody sun arises, some of my first memories is me wondering around the house late at night then my dad getting angry because I wasn't in bed sleeping but I had already tried 5 hrs prior and got bored so wondered around aimlessly
    And at my job there's occasional heavy lifting nothing back breaking or horrible 150 pounds max. And it's only couple times a day if that..
  4. How much do you smoke.
  5. I'd say try and workout more often, compound lifts 3x a week. Can also try taking some taurine, best on an empty stomach. Get your T tested.

    Either that or you are just not that attracted to your girl.
  6. I'm a chef by trade so to much lol
    Side note: could just stress from days cause this problem? I am happy and love my job but it's really intense. By the end of the day I just want to turn my brain off and watch some shows or listen to tunes
  7. Taurine I'll defiantly give a shot thanks
  8. Other side note: really don't have much time to work out, wake up go to work get home smoke a bowl for 5 min walk the dogs for 2 hrs get home supper then bed time is 2 hrs away..

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  9. I've personally always found the more I smoke -> the more my sex drive goes down. Also understand that your not going to be balls to the walls horny your whole life. Also that sex isn't always just a physical thing, it's not just something you only do when you feel like blowing your load. Guys mainly think about it that way because that's how we are wired.

    For me personally less smoking + more exercise and a healthy diet and sleep combo = world conquering levels of libido.

    Sound like sleep might be the part of that equation (and maybe smoking;D) that you could focus on improving. Especially now that your life is good an you are generally happy. Sleeps a pretty complicated thing for each individual. When you have a good nights sleep try an think about the factors that made it good and replicate those on a regular basis i.e form good sleeping habits and see how you go.
  10. I hear ya man, been working full time since I've been out of college. I'm 35 now.

    All you need is 45 min 3x a week, it's doable just depends on motivation. I go in and out so no judgement here.

    Getting your T levels checked should be a good starting point, I know its a pain and time consuming but you're only 23 and this should not be happening at your age.

    Routine sleep(6-8hrs) is also imperative, exercise should help with that.
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    Yah I've been working full time since 16 so it's been quite a bit of stress I never got the enjoyment of the young years.
    That's good idea yah, wake up 45 minutes early and do some exercise, perhaps small jogs in the morning with the pups?
  12. Constructive very good. Yes smoking is a habit I started when I was 16 started to cook full time, it's hard to break this cycle. Job is so stressful at times all you want to do is chain smoke at night.
    And very social thing to do with others after.
    I'll try to lay back on it more and taking dogs for a jog in the morning and try hard to get my sleeping habits under control. It's just not fair go to bed gf dogs everyone's dead snoring up a storm and I'm just laying there wide awake.
    And to your first comment yes, that is true and to be honest it never was a thing like that for me, yah I jerked it to porn all the time because I was horny, but sex was always a special and very emotional thing I still feel that way about it but all sex drive is still gone make out kiss love each other and just it doesn't spark up, tired and exhausted as well the stress (I'm happy love my job a fuck ton) of my job distracts my brain at home too, I'm constantly thinking about it it's my world and I now have my own kitchen so all of it's on me so there's a lot to go through even when the days done. I suppose I need to ignore it and focus on home life when I'm there
    Thanks that's probably one of the biggest problems is the distraction of work. It is just a lot on my plate right now and I'm doing everything I can to make my dreams come true so it's a lot of stress
  13. Your test levels are probably low. Work out.

    Or.. You could start a cycle and fill your girlfriends vagina with testosterone loads.

    I've never done a cycle but doing it for sex purposes seems as good of a reason as any, I mean, it is why we are here after all.
  14. It's probably just the mix between not lifting enough heavy things and smoking too much. Lifting heavy things gives your brain one chemical and weed makes you just want to cuddle with your animal and your pets
  15. Send your girl my way if you can't satisfy her bruh I can go like a rabbit ;):ey::laughing:

  16. What weed have you been smoking bro :laughing: weed doesn't make me want to cuddle my pets:lmafoe:
  17. You mean white, tiny and under a minute? :passing-joint:
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  18. How did you know bro:smoke::laughing:

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  19. Honestly, I'm 26, and my sex drive isn't that high either. I'd rather get high. Don't get me wrong, we definitely fuck; but I'd still rather get high, and it's not like my girl is ugly, by any means lol.

    But, when I do fuck: My drug of choice, then hours, upon hours of fucking. Dope dick :biggrin:
  20. No cardio, heavy lifting is what you need. Compound lifts specifically.

    Starting Strength Training Programs
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