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  1. Hello, I just thought I would ask this question on here because I want some,expert opinions from indoor growers who make trees and not bushes.
    Okay to start off, I am using fox farm ocean forest and happy frog soil in a 50/50mix,with Fox farm nutrient line up from grow big to chaching. I am going to be scroging the plants and have 10X5x 6tall area. I am under a 600watt veg lamp with a 1000watt flower lamp air cooled hoods. I also have a 10" exhaust with a mountain air 760cfm carbon scrubber. I have the option of ether running my grow with 3 plants in 5 galon buckets or running 2 plants in 22galon totes/storage containers. I would want to veg 3-4months, I've veged 2months 8weeks in 5 galon pots and the plants where not what I would have wanted. As Toth e reason I want to veg another month or two with more root space. I didn't have root bound issues with the 5 galon pots but w as starting to get to the edge twards the end of flower which I went 12weeks. Now my main question is how long do you think I could manage to veg in the 22galon pot and is it worth it?. Any ideas to improve the over all idea of how to set this up would be great. I could use the 5 galon but wouldn't be able to veg 3months..
  2. I would say you want to 'pot up' before plopping it into the 22 gallon. You'll save on water for sure... Other than that, you seem set
  3. I would say a correlation does exist between growth potential of your plants and the amount your roots have to expand. The last grow I did a big 1 plant, 1 pot scrog and was very pleased with the results (Did not get to finish the grow though :/ ) when the Goal is to maximize your yield, additional room for your plants root system to grow is a key factor to consider, I would definitely suggest using the largest container's your grow space can accommodate, maybe not 22 gallons though, as mentioned above you will have massive amounts of water drain off until your root systems fill out the container. Also consider what your starting your plants in and what their final container will be, plants experience a "shock" state every time they are transplanted into a new container. Best of Luck, Ill throw the link up to my last big container grow.
  4. Hello everyone, i do apologize for the delay ive been extremely busy. Update, I went with 2 18gallon pots and used ocean forest and happy frog soil i put happy frog ontop about half full and ocean forest the bottom half because from what ive read happy frog is a better soil for veg and therfore will help threw veg then slowly switch into a blended area of ocean forest and happy frog.. I have had some technical dificultys this sesion and have to ask for your opinions. My first is the simple fact that the brinks digital timers i was using went dumb and would slow the time or double it randomly and was mesing up the light cycles for around 4 days. I finally decided to just go manual now and unplug for off and plug for on. I have the old dial style but am not to good with them and dont understand if they just keep going at that schedual or have to be reset every cycle? My other issue was the ballast was on hps and i was using a mh bulb, I realized after about 2 weeks that way and it was working fine however light spectrum was off and stunting growth. I have these questions, How the heck do the dial ones work, also i am very worried about vegging them the 3-4months i plan to find out i stressed them too much with the erors ive had this season and want to know if it would be a good idea to flip them to flower to see then at first sex flip back but my questions are would that stress them more and be more bad than good and maybe say they are all fem now but because of that stress then come the real flower they hermied? Also how crewcial is the esxact 18/6 schedual i accedently missed the alarm to turn them off and then again to turn them on by around an hr and then an hr and a half... Any insite would be great they look great but would be a major bummer to find out they are some dirty trannys.

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