225 red/blue led panel

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by tazman, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. HI Guys/Gals,
    anyone got any information on using these new (well new in UK) led panels? whats the light?lumin values? just how many plants can you get under 1 panel? what sort of sucess or failure have you all had with these things? I am thinking of upgrading my grow from 5 to 40 plants and electricity useage/heat is a big issue and these look like to be the cure for both those problems but I can find on definitive informatin about them so any help would be very welcome.

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    remember if your driving try to keep the car shinny side up! :hello:
  2. i just got my first panle same as one your talking about 225 red/blue one. i can only get one plant under it but shes about to be harvested to thoe you prob get 2 maybe 3 seedlings under there thay work vary well last long, no heat prob, low cost i buy on ebay it one best ways to go grow and keep it all low low
  3. i am also wondering about the LED panel, is it good enough to grow a plant start to finish by its self?
  4. Are we talking about the 14w 225 LED panels?

    Worthless, not even very beneficial as side lighting (I have two).

    For a primary source of light (full cycle), I would not recommend anything less than a 90w UFO, and even then you will probably do better adding in a few CFL.

    Anything that uses less than 1w LED's simply will not put out enough intense light for a decent yield.
  5. only good to look cool dont actually do anything in my opinion:p
  6. thanks . i wont even bother with them then

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