2200 watt multi strain grow journal..HELP!

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  1. Hey guys, semi-newbie grower attempting my 2nd grow..but only what i would consider my 1st legit grow. Im growing a total of 49 plants. 40 plants are clones, and 9 are high quality plants grown from original greenouse seeds. I hope to put the 40 clones in a sog style grow, while keeping the 9 bigger(longer vegged) greenhouse seed co plants on the same light cycle on the side. (In order so that i can have my fair share of small plants on the Sog(clones), with a few 3-4 footers(Greehouse Seeds). Its a wide variety of plants, but the majority of them have a 8-10 week flower(with the exception of arjans haze!)

    Although my total shed space is 49 sq ft, the actual grow space is around 25-30 sq ft. The rest goes to placing the equiptment. So im running roughly around 2 plants per square foot in near perfect conditions. I would prefer hydro, but since im moving soon i dont even wanna mess with it yet. Soon i hope to have a E&F setup like the almighty Al B!

    . 75-80 degrees F
    . 40-50% relative humidity

    Room Specs:

    .7x7x8 Rubbermaid Shed
    . Shed was sealed with caulking gun, and inner walls have been double layered with panda film.
    . perfect vacuum seal, with one intake hole for fresh air(generated by vacuum effect)
    . Hot air outtake through A/C unit vent.

    . (3) 600 Watt Hps Lights(HTG supply 95,000 lumens!!)
    . (1) 400 watt hps/mh
    . 9000 BTU portable AC unit
    . 20 pint dehumidifier
    . 20 inch oscillating fan
    . (40) 1 gallon pots (for clones)
    . (2) 5 gallon pots (for biggest greenhouse seed co plants)
    . (5) 3 gallon pots (Also for greenhouse seed co plants)
    . (2) 2 gallon pots (smallest greenhouse seed co plants)
    . 15 gallon CO2 tank, will supplement 1500 ppm during flower


    .(10) G kush
    .(6) Alien OG
    .(5) Original Sour D
    .(4) Blackberry Kush
    .(4) Alfred Walker OG
    .(4) Romulan
    .(3) Mendo Purps
    .(2) Blue Dream
    .(1) Mazar
    .(1) White Fire OG

    Greenhouse Plants(9)
    .(2) White Widow
    .(1) Great White Shark
    .(1) Arjans Haze #1
    .(1) The Church
    .(1) El Nino
    .(1) AMS
    .(1) White Rhino
    .(1) Himalaya Gold

    My question is regarding the veg time in order to reach my expected goal. Even being pessimistic, i dont see any reason my overall yield should be any less than 2 lbs. Im running 2200 watts, and even at .5gram/watt thats still 2.4 lbs. total. I have seen people with similar succesful sog grows (maybe with the exception of hydro), that can yield 1/2 oz-1.5oz's per plant in good-perfect conditions. I have been vegging for a week and all the clones are between 7-15inches. Most lie between 8-12 inches. If i want to get upwards of an oz per plant or something in that general range, am i ok to just put these ladies into flower right now? or do i need to veg a little longer?

    Any help is appreciated! just make sure all input is constructive. Im not a know it all cocky ass weed growing guru, so be constructive! I will leech onto any growing knowledge anyone can share with me to help make this an awesome grow. Thanks!

    Heres some pics to help

    Group Pics


    6 ALien OG's! lookin mighty fine

    The incredible Arjans haze 1! truly a genetics masterpiece, this sucker has vegged for a week and a half and is already almost 2 ft tall...reely showing its sativa haze traits. The stem smells soo skunky and potent already.
    haha look at her tower over the rest

    The Church

    Great White Shark! This sucker is out of this world. Without any training or lst, it naturally formed 2 main stalks! The internodal spacing is ridiculous..less than 1.5 inches....alot of the gh seeds have these traits

    Mendo Purps clones...around 12-13 inches


    White Rhino, AMS, White Widow




    More Group shots


    Hope this pics are sufficient for you guys to get a look at my situation. When i flower plants will be arranged by size and the greenhouse plants will be outside the SOG but on the same 8 week cycle. Once again is my veg ok? should i veg longer to meet my goal (2.5-3 lbs dry)??
  2. what ever happened to your grow?
  3. i would say veg at least another week. than they will be bigger and stronger andn youll be able to hit your 2+ mark.

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