22 Year Old Valium

Discussion in 'General' started by GabbaGabbaDane, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I just came across a full prescription of valium dating back to '85. Should I dare pop these babies?
  2. i wouldnt do it dude, that shits older then me lol
  3. dude, im glad somebody finaly found em....please send to the address on the bottle...
  4. Pills don't go bad..
  5. Those pills are slightly older than I am...I would pass on that

  6. Uncle David?!?! But seriously, I downed some and I have to say they aged nicely. They're all retro and shit, with the cut-out "V" in the middle.
  7. That's fucking awesome... I'd almost have to pop one, just to see... I mean, logically I know it probably just wouldn't do anything at all. But there's always that chance you could be transported into another dimension by decades old valium... You never know, that's all I'm sayin'. :p
  8. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. There's an expiration date on every type of medication, OTC and prescription.

  9. I have to disagree. Some research showed that pills can hold out for years after their expiration date, but of course they lose some of their effect gradually throughout the years. The government saved like 33 million dollars recycling "expired" medication. And not to mention for being four years older than me, I still got a buzz after 40mgs.
  10. I should down the whole bottle and try to catch a Pixies show while they were in their prime.
  11. Yes and no.

    They dont go 'bad' like food goes 'bad'. Its not going to get moldy and stink.

    But overtime it can gradually lose potency.
  12. You pop a Valium, wake up and it's September 1985

    The Titanic has just been found on the floor of the Atlantic

    A huge earthquake has recently hit Mexico City, killing 9,000 people

    Ronald Reagan is President, but who cares because next month, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is coming out!!! Super Mario Bros.! Duck Hunt!

  13. god damn dog always laughing... laughing and laughing!

    my neighbor said when you get to level 99 you can shoot the dog. you cant. I wasted a month of my childhood trying.
  14. Yes there is, which has been proven to be false.
    And has caused massive amounts of usable and expensive medications to be thrown out just because a certain date has been reached.
  15. It loses potency. Chemicals only have a certain shelf life, no matter how well preserved they are. It may not go bad in the sense that food does, but it does lose strength.
  16. But, even if it does lose potency does that really present a cause for why he shouldn't do them? They're basically safer to do now as an overdose will be avoided.
  17. Not rly- The individual user cannot know how much potency has decreased, but if they assume more than it has and take more than they needed, there could be a possibility of OD. If they assume it hasn't degraded much and take too little, that's wasted drugs and just more shit for your liver to process.

    Either way there are risks, whether it's of OD or not getting any effects and wasting pills.
  18. Even after two decades they seem to do the trick. I got myself a good buzz after snorting 20mg and downing 20mg more after an hour or so. I'm sure they're not nearly as potent as they were back in their day, so I'll definitely have to make sure that I don't go hog wild and down half the bottle to get the effect of 20mgs of a 2007 prescription. Thanks a lot for your guy's input.

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