22 march 2012 earthquake

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  1. do yout think its going to happen?
  2. Considering there are over 20 (3.0+) a day, probably..
  3. Only information I can find about such an earthquake comes from either religious sites about the end times, or conspiracy theorists sites. So no, I don't believe this foretold earthquake will occur.

    Now, like BluntCheefah said, there WILL be earthquakes that day. How convenient for all these armchair prophets :p
  4. i mean big ass earthquake not weak ass earthquka stop trolling please
  5. One more time: No, I don't believe this foretold earthquake will occur.

    Nobody is trolling, so calm the hell down and learn to read a bit better :wave:
  6. for some reason i have a feeling Japan is gonna get hit hard again with a big quake.. they had a big one last week... but im talking big like that one they had last year
  7. There was a 7.3 or something like that in mexico today i think its a mini earthquake settling land preparing for a giant earthquake this thursday... just sayin
  8. :laughing:
  9. There is no such things as earthquakes
  10. the US will be hit hard on the madras fault line(8 states), the San Andreas fault line(cali) and the Cascadia fault line(Oregon). this earthquake has been predicted by the fact that we have noticed a pattern in the earthquakes and they are all 188 days away from each other and if we went 188 days from the last one it would land on march 22 2012. oregon and madras fault line will be hit hardest if the quake happens.

  11. How are earthquakes 188 days apart if there are dozens of earthquakes around the world daily?

    Where's the proof behind this statement?
  12. There is no proof haha.

    Earthquakes happen all the time.

    If they were planning an earthquake like conspirists think, you'd see many important people fleeing that area.
  13. My bad i didnt mean all earthquakes but just the major big ones that happen
    this event sometimes can be said to be on the 21st or 22nd just matters on the research, this is just one website that has info about the 188 day cycle

  14. The first link when hitting up Google with "188 day earthquake cycle" is Godlikeproductions. All the subsequent hits are conspiracy websites. How about something from the US Geological Survey?

    You'll have to excuse me for saying that's not proof at all...because it isn't. Everyday there is a "big" earthquake somewhere. That's how our planet works. The difference is whether that earthquake hits a relatively obscure region of the world, or a densely populated one, like happened with Haiti and Japan. One gets no media coverage (but the data is still available for anybody to see) and the other gets nonstop media coverage.

    It's seriously not that difficult to use some rational thinking in matters like this.
  15. just by the way i never said this was actually going to happen i just put my opinion out there with some info to see what other people thought, and your right this is not proof but an idea based on a theory that might never happen. but why be closed minded and ignorant about it? instead of saying im wrong just cause you say so, why dont you show some proof of why it wont happen:smoke:
  16. You're not even going to post a link to your source? Really?

  17. *Dont forget the 1st-20th, and 23rd-31st depending on month.

  18. How am I being "closed minded and ignorant?" Because I don't play fast and loose with the scientific method like you do? You might want to look up what ignorant means in that case.

    I didn't say you were wrong because I said so. I said you were wrong because 1). the 188 day earthquake cycle is BS, and demonstrably so (you can go to the US Geological Survey website and look through the data) and 2). the "proof" you offer is lumped in with tripe like Nibiru, which was debunked long ago.

    You're the one making a fantastical claim -- the burden of proof is on you...and links to conspiracy sites with their faulty science and fear mongering is hardly a reliable source when it comes to plate tectonics.

    The whole "idea based on a theory that might never happen" is all well and good...if each site you linked to didn't present is as irrefutable fact.


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