22 days Young 4 Unknown Strains

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  1. Hello all, here are the plants. Transplanted to 3 Gallon due to space for now. I'm really enjoying watching these little ones grow. Any thoughts on potential strains from just looking at the plant? Sativa? Indica? Thanks again for your time!

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  2. IMPOSSIBLE to tell what strain it is from looking at it.....I am sure it is a hybrid of some sort.
  3. Darn. Guess I'll have to wait and see which ones are girls and see how the flowers are. Can't wait!
  4. Nice-looking plants though. :thumbsup:
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  5. The leaves have an indica structure , broad and stubby
    Sativa usually have long skinny and really serrated edges

    I have six unknowns going i just call them UNK 1-6 , will name them myself at harvest
    That's the cool part i guess

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  6. Thanks. I agree with them looking more on the indica side
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  7. The majority of strains are hybrids. Yours seem to be indica dominant. There is no way to tell what strain it is from a pic
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