22 day old seedling, very small.

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  1. All of my seedlings are growing at a very slow pace, the leaves look healthy but i'm starting to worry, the oldest plant(the first seed to germinate, 2.8 weeks old since sprout) is only 2.75 inches tall. No sure what strain they are, but their mother looked like some kind of tropical sativa. I'm growing outdoors near the equator, 12-12, at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight, these last days have been cloudy but I still manage to get at least 3 hours of direct S if I move the pots around. I'm watering once a day when the soil gets dry, if it's a very bright and sunny day I may water twice. The soil is a mix of dark dirt, rice hulls, very small and thin wood pieces, poultry manure. (it's hard to get imported or good soil around here). and yeah, it's my first attempt ever to grow.


    This is the mother from were I took the seeds, it was given to my mom as a seedling, but she didn't take good care of her and it turned hermie and self pollinized, ultra tiny buds, mostly seeds and then died:
    These pics are from before it died, sorry for the low Q.
  2. It's the medium. It doesn't look like it has enough aeration at all. The plant otherwise looks fine, it can take a good bit for them to start growing quickly if conditions aren't ideal. I wouldn't worry, within another few weeks tops it should start really growing.
  3. thanks for the reply my friend. I will try my hardest to find a more suitable medium to transplant once they grow a little bit more. Do you know any good substitute for vermiculite?, I cant find it here, And as a broke college student I can't afford to order it online. My idea for a good soil mix was: some rich organic soil+rice hulls+worm castings+vermiculite.
  4. I can't say that I do I am more of a soilless medium type of guy. I usually grow in coco coir and perlite. You should be able to get some answers in the organic section though, you will probably have someone come by here who knows too. Lots of knowledgeable people on here
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