22" 8-arm Sovereignty

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  1. Got my 22' 8-arm sg today heres some pics :smoke:

  2. Looks sweet man, lets see a milkshot!
  3. mmm nutter butter.
  4. snazzy new SG man, those tear drop shaped percs look really cool. let see some milk!
  5. Very nice.
  6. very sick. how much it run you

  7. Its very nice, but the problem with me is, I would have broken it by now, I am on bowl ( only load bowl ) number 4, in under a week, but hell, their only 5 bucks at the corner store.
  8. nice tube dude, such a classy looking piece.
  9. love that tube man, nice buy fasho
  10. Nice tube, I really like that slide too.
  11. thanks i really love this tube :bongin:

  12. and nutter butters.
  13. nice glass work but that company definitely needs to get some artists. That tiny crooked ass logo isn't cutting it
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    i like the tiny crooked ass logo :smoke:

    yes those nutter butters were delicious hahah
  15. sick tube man, have a good time with it, i wish i could
  16. SG tubes are all done by ONE artist, and I don't think he should change his logo because you don't see its elegance.

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