210w Cfl + 150w Hps Bag Seed Grow

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    So I had this same topic posted in absolute beginners but I thought id try my luck in here searching for some guidance/advice so heres wat I got 2 105 actual watt cfls they're huge I tjink the box says 13000 lumens a piece I'll double check and a150w hps I got off amazon I used FF ocean forest and I got FF nutes I got a fan on for ventalation temps are 78 80 day like mid 60s at night hope I didnt leave anything out it caught some damage not sure if it was nitrogen toxicity but I flushed like couple days ago looks alright any advice welcome ill post pics from seedling to wat its like now.

    Sproted in hydro but I noticed mold on the sides of the grow medium so I moved into soil

    Inbetween time lol


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  2. I think those 105 watt 6500k are more like 6000 lumens I have a few myself Id have to double check. Awesome bulbs tho I love them and havnt even used them lol.
  3. Sure would like to see it. No pics came through.
  4. Srry this was a dup my phone is weird its up on the original post lots of pics feel free to drop bye
  5. I mainlined anout 3 times so 8 heads and some lst I havent put the big bilbs in yet I was waiting till flower in November ive actually only been using about 5 13 watt cfls lol feel cheap 
  6. Looks good, You sure are working it.
  7. Yea im trying to get as close to half a pound as possible 3.5 gallon bucket im not sure if its possible ive seen others so I figuered id give her a go so I think its like 500 watts total between the large cfls and the hps and all the single bulbs and my ceiling has 80 watt cfl tubes i keep tbe area shut for max lighting what do u guys think?
  8. You sir are correct 105 watt cfl 6900 lumens its only my second time growing my first plant is actually flowering right now with the cfls thefirst time was a test grow she vegged the whole time by my window using the sun for 2 months then she preflowered saw hairs got excited so I flowered her shes vary tall and thin tho compared to this one
  9. Did you say you're trying to get as close to a half pound as you can off this plant?
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  11. Its hard to talk quantity at this point. But nothing is out of range.  I saw something
    about topping here at GC, and the results were a three way split. I have done it
    and the that's just what I got a 3-way split. It was OG. That might up your yield.
    LAter MoonRocky
  12. I don't wanna be mean but a half pound is definitely dreaming lol especially with only CFLs, I had 4 plants under 300w of cfls and got about 2 ozs.. A few things went wrong and they didnt have very much veg time so I could have done better but not anywhere near a half pound, and thats with 4 plants.
    Anyways good luck bro, your plant is looking good
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    Ur not being mean ur simply offering your opinion and ur more then welcome to do so
    thats y i moved my topic here cus I knew id get help im in it for the experience not so much the weight but weight is always good 300 watts thats wat im running in cfls now its good to know wat to expect u think it would make a difference if I mixed in a 150 watt hps bulb comes with hood and ballast of amazon it gets here on 29 I think ??

    Srry guys about the typing im really lazy just dropped my kid at preschool first day
  14. Well if you have a way to cool that HPS down then that would be good for flower, I like CFLs cause theres not much heat. All those lights should be able to get you around an oz or two off that one plant if everything goes right. Maybe even more depending on veg time and lst but I think an oz or two is reasonable
  15. 3way split? Not sure is there a link would love to see wat thats like im not sure I kinda just topped mine based on this guys tutorial dudes name was nugbuckets its the first link on google when u search main line ill get the link if ud like.. not sure if I did a decent job at splitting her and lst but I like to believe so lol
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  17. I have a fan temps temps stay 78 80 with cfls so im assuming hps will push it to 90 wat should I get? Would it make a difference if u put the cfls and the hps together or did u mean 2 oz between the two?
    I have this girl im flowering right now she was more of an accident put her by my window and two months later she had hairs so I put her under cfl u think i can get an Ocho out of it lol
  18. An HPS will dramatically increase the temp so you need ducting to pull in cold air and exhaust it outside the tent.
    And I meant you might be able to get that much using all those lights together
    No way to tell how much a plant will yield especially without a picture of it

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