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2100 around the corner...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. There are almost 2100 members registered. Grass City is growing like weed!LOL I made a funny.

    I say cheers to SJ and all the people that make this place so great.

    Invite people and they will come! Have a wonderful site and they will stay.

    Two tokes to SJ. Two tokes to grasscity. Two tokes to all the friends here. I had better quit before i get to stoned to type!!!
  2. Amen brother!

  3. Yes and there are more and more people on at the same time. Its pretty cool, I remember when 9 tmes out of ten I was the only one on when I was checking the posts. =)

    Keep it commin. =)

  4. Cheers....great site..most defentily growing fast...

    great job...and cheers to the Superjoint..Much respect...BPP...critter...Ice cream kid...ganjaphis..< spelled??

    too many to name.....peace
  5. And my name wasn't even mentioned. I feel so left out Darn it.
  6. Same here critter 2, i have been here since the day opend i think i'm member 24 not sure on that one..

  7. Hey Bud Head,.......Thanks for the Tokes!!!!!
    As of my check in this morning, we topped 2102 Blades!!!!
    Quite a lawn, LOL! :hello: :smoking:

    Bud Head, you should NEVER feel left out!! Many of us Blades have deep respect for you, and enjoy reading your post's!! :hippie:
  8. yea but to be NEVER mentioned *sigh
  9. Hey Highawatha, I offered to join forces with ya, to do Toe surgery on Bud Head in order to Beg an invite to his 4th of July bash!! Don't that count?? LOL! :smoke:
  10. yea,
    guess a girl cant get tooo picky...hehe
  11. Lord knows I like a girl that's not too pickey, LMAO!!
    If PoohGator was a pickey Lady, I'd soon be single again!!LOL! :smoking:
  12. But how many of those members post. A lot of people simply join and quickly loose intrest. Not all become as addicted to this place as we lot have... 'tis sad...
  13. Highya you my dalin are never left out!haha

    Doesn't matter if you've been here for ever or just a day as long as you contribuite to the cause.

    I don't know what # i am and don't really care. If people enjoy my post and can learn from my mistakes then I have done a good deed!

    Members of a community for marijuanna Love and good karma sent your way!
  14. I agree with what eome said there arent many people who stay in touch with the site..... i guesses around 75% of the people i looked at when i was perusing the members isle didn't have over 5 posts.... but i guess its good that there are dedicated people instead of a bunch of people who post random stuff on the forums.....

  15. Only the great ones stay for the long haul.
  16. you guys may have been "left out" but are definitely loved :)
    you've all mostly been around here before i was around too, Bud Head & Higha... eome.. a whole lot of ya.
    I am so glad I found this forum, it's surely an oasis :)
  17. You cant expect eveyone to post all the time, but the people with less than 5 posts probally read the posts. some arent as addicted to this site as you. lol
  18. i cant help it.......
  19. If I have to be addicted to something, this site is the best addiction!!!

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