21 plants are dying please help !!

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  1. i have 25 plants in a greenhouse here in ecuador sunlight is good, so as humidity and temperature, the probrelm that iam facing is that we introduce some other plants to try to hide some of the mj plants, we introduce a plague do you know any solucion that may help my plant
  2. do you know any simple mix thay may help ?
  3. If it is caused by bacteria or an organism, and you dont mind the plants might suffer a bit, ive found the best way to kill them is with natures oldest pesticide. Nicotine,
    simply put about a pack of half smoked ciggarettes in a strainer and put it in a small concentration of water and let soak for a day. or, simply get a small amount of water in a botle, and exhale smoke into the bottle, close the lid, shake and wait for most of the smoke to dissapear, repeat until golden, then just spray on your foliage, if it doesnt work, its a Virus ( youre fucked i believe) or a root prob.
  4. cool that´s a good tip thanks
  5. med aid you can find it at grow store a must have for growers case somthing like that happens . hurry
  6. MOD needs to move this thread to sick plants. THis the building forum.

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