21 days into flowering......

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  1. ......... far from growing by the book but ive never followed the rules :confused_2: .......... good bad or indifferent whatcha think? 6 ladies under 2000w ... ill keep posting through the end. bout to blow up in there :metal: :gc_rocks:

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  2. Well, I'm on day 22 of my first crop off BB blue cheese and it looks pretty much the same as mine as far as bud development. What strain ya growing?
  3. God, it looks like a tree! Nice job
  4. Personally, I would have pruned up the bottoms alot more on that size, I do, and I enjoy my results.
  5. sweet thanks guys ......... in the picture with all 6 front to back is grape ape and one i call the fuck if i know, then in the middle is 2 ak-47 and the back 2 are ak-47 and one bubba kush.......... been thinking aLOT about cutting more in the bottom. posted once before about that and only got a bunch of haterz that didnt like cutting anything but i like to, to me it helps so much, if you cut out more then ill try on my next round going in here in a couple weeks ....... thanks again :) :gc_rocks:
  6. Are you talking about trimming? that bush looks amazing, how long did you veg it?
    no haters here in the indoor grow journal area, just a bunch of nice people, that love weed :p subscribed...
  7. yeah trimming.... here is my opinion and thoughts here. these plants were vegged for 7 weeks. after clones root in cube they go in 1 gallon pots for about 3 weeks then transplanted into 10 gallon pots. training and trimming all along. looking from above i cut any fan leaf covering a budding spot. then from below i just pick an imaginary line and strip off all leaves and nodes everything. this is why i do it. all light is good yes, but the futher from the lamp the less good it does, and you end up with those rip and strip buds that are good for nothing but cookies and hash. why grow them . so now you have a massive root system feeding only the top half of the plant where the best light is concentrated therefore making your top buds twice as big since its not feeding random crap buds along the way. air flows freely to all parts of the plant when trimmed out also. another thing to considered is spider mites. anyone who says they have zero issuses with the little suckers are not telling the full truth or cant see them... ive got very few if any because i spray with neem and their little safe haven under the leaves at the bottom of the plant does not exist. when left alone the bottom of your plant is like a jungle you cant fully get to and is a paradise for pest. its still something you must keep up on trimming alone will not help detour bugs laziness in your garden is the biggest killer of plants but helps alot. many many ppl will disagree and they have every right to but all i know is since ive changes my style of growing my yeild and bud quality has doubled. no ill effects on health of the plant, no hermies, no seeds, just top shelf sensi .... on those six plants i will get damn near 4lbs dry......
  8. Would love to know how you got the plant to grow like that, those are some fat stems!
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    stems get that big and strong from another grow no no..... pinching,,,, looks like lst but its not.... i simply pinch a clone above the bottom nodes till it falls flat over , you can feel it "break" the next day its curved up again but the small nodes where you pinched have grown out and thats how you get your shape . you can bend it any direction you want , even left then right then left again whatever every day they stand tall in the shape and direction you choose. this also strengthens the branches.
    at this size i cant even break the stalk or branches with my hands anymore they are so strong and i dont need screens because of the strength and shaping of my choice so i can rotate pots daily ... look close at the pot..... ive never had to hold a branch up im actually holding them back down to keep the shape or they would just stand straight up if left alone for a week or so.....
  10. now thats what i would call "The Giving Tree"
  11. I really dig your growing style man.

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