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  1. Hi, I'm very new to growing, this is my 2nd time trying it and it seems to be going better than the first lol. Here is my problem. This plant was yesterday at 20 days grow. I did a flush to make sure everything was going good, the ph is 5.5ish, and the ppm is about 650. I'm using 4 cfl's 2 23w warm white, and 2 23w daylight white. Late last night the plant started doing the Taco leave thing, . I just replanted it today to make sure it wasn't root bound. Are there any other suggestions? The tent is in my kitchen where the a/c is, so there is cooler air blowing into the tent via fan. I have large china cabinet that I turned into a grow cabinet for when the plants are flowering, (out in the garage) lol.
  2. They will droop sometimes after a watering or a flush so I don't think there's too much going on there. It's probably just stressed from the repot. Glad to see you have got sufficient perlite in there now. These need very light and arid soil for ease of root movement and growth. Because of that, you always need to water very very slowly to prevent your water from just rushing through. Start in the middle first and make sure your root ball is saturated. Then slowly start to circle outward making sure to get to the very edges of the pot last. Now, you problem with this plant is going to be pH more than likely. The correct range for soil growing is 6.3 to 6.7. Getting this right is critical if you want your plant to remain healthy since improper pH range in water/feeds will lock up the roots of your plant and it can't take in nutrition. You should also be letting the plant dry out almost completely before watering again. They need defined wet/dry cycles and don't like having their roots sitting in moisture all the time. So, if you container doesn't feel as light as it did when you first loaded it with dry soil, it's NOT time to water again. They grow faster if you start them in Solo cups and leave them in those until the plant itself is larger than the cup (wider and taller), then repot to a 1 gallon container and repot up again when the plant is as big as the container. Doing this confines the space the plant has to get rooted into and will force faster foliage growth. If you put a very small plant into a huge container, nothing is going to happen much with the foliage on that plant until it's had time to get sufficiently rooted in...they do that first. A lot of times, the new grower thinks that something is wrong with the plant and will start doing things to it that it doesn't need. During the veg cycle things are pretty basic and simple. If you have proper lighting to flower by (and you could use some more btw), understand how to water properly and adjust the pH range of all liquids going into your plant, you should sail through to time for flower. Nutes aren't needed too much in veg if you don't veg them for months, because the soil will carry them through if you start them out right and repot them as they needed. Each time you repot, you resupply the natural nutrients that come in soil and adding nutes on top of that will burn your plant a lot of the time. Nutes are meant to be started AFTER the plant has used up the natural nutes in the soil. There is no need for them until then. One more thing. Don't try to grow in clear containers. Roots need total darkness to thrive and light is not good if it's getting to your roots. Keep them in the dark and give the light to the foliage. Good luck!! Hope this helps a little. TWW
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  3. Ohhhhhh....I was following a pretty detailed video on ph levels, but will definitely up it, our natural tap water falls about that range. Thanks for the advice about the clear containers as well. Will watch it for a couple days and update with more pics. again thank you.
  4. Looks like a heat problem to me buddy, can you get a thermometer in there and keep the temp between 68ºF and 77ºF (20ºC and 25ºC) and not much difference between the temp on the light and dark cycle (Maximum drop of 10ºF) Might be worth considering swapping to CFL bulbs and misting her a few times a day, get a fan or 2 on her too and see how she goes. Also, in the second pic it looks like your nutes may be very slightly out of whack, may want to monitor that too.
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  5. I would definitely do what The Widow White said, but will also add that you should flush it now with ph 6.8 water, then after replace 1 1/2 inches of the top soil with some new, dry soil. That will allow for quicker evaporation to compensate for the over water saturation to correct your ph level quicker. Then after that flush set the ph to what The Widow White said...
  6. I have cfls [​IMG] and adjusted the fan more upwards toward the lights [​IMG] she seems less tacoed now.

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  7. Thanks for the info. Will do that.

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  10. Looks to me like it's more of a heat problem. I had a similar problem on my first grow and raised the lights a bit with fan blowing between canopy and light source. Problem solved. Good luck.
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  11. thanks for your response. I flushed, and changed the fan to blow in between the canopy and lights, that seemed to work. I'll post pics tomorrow.
    Thanks again.
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  12. This was Mimi this morning :) She's not taco'd anymore. Thanks all for you help.

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  13. She's looking beautiful man, nice recover! You might want to start pruning and LST her, she's got a fair amount of tiny leafs growing but with all the larger ones they're getting less light, it's not a necessity but COULD help increase your yield. Alternatively you couple place some lights around the sides to help her along a touch, or just continue as you are.
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  14. Thank you :) and your help,
    Yup, I do know how to lst lmao! Just did it to my larger plant like a month ago, she's getting huge now.

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  15. No worries man! Haha I weren't suggesting you don't know how, just that you may want to start to make the most of her while she's still small. Ella's looking beautiful there! What strain(s) you growing?
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  16. Not sure what strain, was just some seeds that came out of some mid. However, I figure if the seeded weed was pretty good, then if I can get it to stay a girl, then the weed will be pretty awesome lol. I'm going to buy some seeds from nirvana once I get everything correct and know how to grow lol.
  17. Ah gotcha, that's a fair point man, it's always best to grow bagseed until you get the hang of things in my opinion, at least that way you have room for failure and if anything does go wrong you're not out of pocket. If you manage to grow a fem you might want to look into making some colloidal silver:

    Basically, get a few grams of .999 or .9999 silver off ebay or amazon, attach some wired crocodile clips, dip it in water (Just the silver, don't let the clips or wire touch the water) then attach the other end of the wire to a battery, leave for at least 7 hours, longer if you have time, then spray a section of your fem.

    Using colloidal silver on a female cannabis plant will get her to produce female pollen sacs and fertilize herself, giving you female seeds. This is one method for making feminized seeds. The only thing is, after spraying your plant, the part that you've sprayed has to be thrown away as it can't be smoked, but the rest is fine and you end up with feminized seeds. It will be much cheaper than buying seeds online ;)

    Finally,if you're buying online, you may want to reconsider where you're going to get your seeds, Nirvana have had some bad reviews, I'm not sure which seeds but someone posted on THCTalk saying their auto's don't have good reports, and someone else said they've seen posts questioning the reliability of their auto's, both on This Thread. I'd personally suggest Sensi Seeds, but I'm about to start a thread asking about CBD's seeds (Bought via Herbie's), feel free to hop on the thread once it's up and see what people are saying about them and if anyone posts any other suggestions if you wish.
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  18. I bought from nirvana years ago, and had 50/50 results from 8 seeds, again I really really didn't know what I was doing then, think I got impatient and harvested to yearly. I bought 8 seeds from them a couple of months ago and 6 didn't polinate, 1 plant died, and I still have 1 seed left I'm saving lol. Would love to join the thread you're creating. And about the fem seeds, I'll keep it in mind, however, not ready to try that yet lol.
  19. Ouch! That's bad luck that man! And you'd still trust Nirvana enough to buy from them again? Hm try a few grows with bagseed until you get good results then go again with the one you're saving and see how that works out maybe? Feel free to hop on man, the thread is up now - Here .. Haha it's definitely worth trying if you've got a spare clone or something you can test it on, if it fails, the clone was spare so no loss, if it works the clone still needs throwing away but you'll have a bunch of Feminized Seeds. That's what I'm hoping to achieve with the seeds I'm buying so I've a bunch of AK & NL to cross-breed and add flavor, hopefully end up with some nice cherry flavored "Northern AK" xD Would also be cool to turn her pink but other than food coloring I'm not sure of a way yet, and I don't really want to smoke food coloring :L
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