21 day old seedling stunded need HELP

Discussion in 'General' started by Afish123, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. My aeedling is 21 days old and hasnt been gowing much. This is only my second time growig and first time went well.. but cant under stand why its not getting any bigger

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  2. Get your self a better medium, and put in 30% perlite. Good luck

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  3. [​IMG]

    This my baby at 15 days

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  4. You are better off posting grow questions in the absolute beginners growing section located here:
    Absolute Beginners

    Also, when asking questions about plant health, include as much information as possible. Always try to include the medium (for example brand of soil or soil-less mixed used), type of lights used, light cycle, heat temp in the grow area during lights on and lights off, type of nutrients applied if any, watering schedule and amount given each time, as well as any other details about your grow that you can possibly think of to share. Posting a picture of a plant with no info and asking what is wrong is like posting a picture of a car and asking why it sputters when you get on the highway. Any answer you get is just going to be an uneducated guess.

    As far as your plant, it could be the medium, the lighting, the temps, the watering, or a few other things. Once again with no info, there is no way to narrow it down.
  5. Thats what my first one started to look like after 2 weeks aswell but this one is being stubbron.. im just curious if i should just toss it and try again with new soil or if it can be saved
  6. Are you checking pH? I've had runts caused by the wrong pH.
  7. My ph. Is arond a 6.0. Room temp is between 70° 73°. Dont hve control of heat. Also gave it a drink of 20-20-20 2 days ago and this morning im seeing new growth
  9. So it needed feeding, eh? Some plants are funny that way. You need to get some proper fertilizer.

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