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21 Day Flowering Floro

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by phishisgroovin, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. hey what up everyone...just thought i would post some pics i have of my plant. i had about 175 watts of floro on my one plant but have since hadded another 42 watt floro totaling 217 watts of floro. how do you think she is lookin....anyone know what kind of strain it maybe?? also there are a ton of crystals all over the leafs around the bud...pic just doesn't show it but they are there!!!

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  2. another pic....

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  3. .....

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  4. .......

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  5. here is a pic of my bubbler...CLOWN GLASS RULES!!!

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  6. looks like a sativa dominant
  7. I believe I have like 6 Warm White, 2 compacts, and 2 plant/aquarium lights that total about 217 watts of floro. Most of the floros are about 18-24 inches long.
  8. lookin good! i always enjoyed reading up on the floro grows. they can be so amazing in what they produce. will you eventualy step it up?

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