21 day blue mystic, worried I stunted them

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  1. Hi all,

    First grow - total beginner. Have 5 auto blue mystic from Nirvana, growing in soil. 22 days old in picture. Worried they are not taller/bigger and afraid I have stunted them. Obviously had an issue with gnats due to over watering early on, but took care of them quickly. Any advice is appreciated

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  2. Funny. I posted almost the same thing a minute ago. Maybe we're doing it right??? Best of luck to you. Plants looking good

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  3. Thanks!! Good luck to you as well, maybe I'm just overthinking it
  4. Your plants look good - well done. What lights are you using?
  5. Thank you! Right now I am running a 450w LED (full spectrum), I plan to add another light during bloom
  6. How many actual watts does the 450w LED draw out of the wall?
  7. Hi Mick,

    Per the manufacturer it cosumes 200w. I also attached the spectrum test they provided. If I added another do you think it would help?

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  8. With 5 plants you'll need at least one more light.
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  9. Thanks Mick!! Should I add now, or wait until the bloom?
  10. Personally I would add now - the more light the better.
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  11. I agree. Got to have enough wattage of the correct spectrum to get them all to produce the way you want. Space is also important during flower. Crowding plants up together shades out light which hampers development of buds below the canopy. Each plant needs space to spread open so light can penetrate the tops of the plant. We only run 2 plants per 1 1000 watt HPS lamp....so don't try to stuff too many into a space not big enough or you'll get less weight per plant at harvest. Your plants look fine to me. TWW
  12. Perfect, will do! Thanks for all your help!
  13. T
    Thank you for the information, it is much appreciated! Should I move out some of the plants and keep 2 under the 450, and 3 under the other 450 elsewhere, or should I just add the other 450 to this space?
  14. When those plants are bigger - 1 of them will fill it. I don't think you should add another light in that space unless there's more room that we can't see.
  15. Hi Mike

    There is not much more room, it is a base of 28 wide and 34 inches deep. As the plants are autos I am hoping they will remain fairly short overall (remains to be seen). Do you think that one light is enough for all these plants or should I move the op to another room (and add an additional light)?
  16. I think that 450W would do 2 plants through flowering - but space will become your issue before lack of light is. So, I'd suggest another area for that other light. Grow them as big as you can in that space before deciding which ones to leave to finish flowering and what to do with the others...
  17. Thank you very much for the advice, it is much appreciated! They are beginning to flower, so I will decide what to do with the other three here shortly might move them to another room and give them their own light, keep the two biggest in the current space with current set up... First grow, so as long as I can take all five to harvest I'll consider it a win
  18. Update:

    As of today here is what they are looking like

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  19. Well, 450W LED will do ok enough covering 2 plants - 1 plant will do REALLY well under each light. 1 plant will easily spread out and fill a 3 x 3 area - or plenty more. If you let it get too crowded, bud density will suffer and humidity/heat/PM can quickly become an issue. 1 plant well suited in that space/light will probably produce more than 2 or 3 crowded in the same space.
  20. For example - I have 3 plants on LED in my flower room. 1 has 600W and the other 2 have 300W each. It's only a couple of weeks since flipping, but all 3 had the same lights before the flip - then changed to this setup at the time of flipping. The 600W plant, like you'd expect, is far outpacing the other 2 in every sort of way. They are just little baby buds right now - but the difference in growth of branching, leaves and bud sites is probably not quite double the other 2 - but close.

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