20th Birthday Today

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 29, 2006.

  1. May 29th. I really just remembered a few days ago, ha. I don't think I'm getting anything really, but I have some skunk left to roll myself a nice blunt tomorrow :)

    I just wish I was still at college though. All my friends here are so....well let's put it this way, I called some people tonight and got the bitch button from each of them (ignore button). What the hell? I just got home for the summer and I want to see what some people have been up to, and drink and have fun tonight since tomorrow's my birthday and no one has to work.

    Instead, I found something out about my high school friends, one in particular. Ignores my call, then drunk dials me 5 minutes ago. Slurring his speech and stuff. I ask him what he's been doing, and what was up with not ansering my calls. He says I dunno man I dunno and changes the subject quickly to how drunk he is, of course. I say how are you getting home, he says driving and hangs up the phone. Great. Luckily he's less than a mile away.

    So basically, I wish I was still at school in Kansas because as sad as it sounds I don't have many people to chill with here. At college I have a huge group of friends, and we drink and party everynight and have the time of our lives. I live with a few people, and we're close friends. I hang out with cool kids, hot girls, not so hot girls, drug dealers, lots of stoners, all kinds of people at college. Everything is just lots of fun, and things are just so different here.

    I'm glad it's my birthday, it's nice to be 20 I just wish I could be at college where my real friends are. Sorry about the rambling, I've been sitting alone smoking some pot and doing nothing really. I feel great, but I can't stop thinking about how nice it will be to get back to school in August.

    You know what's funny? They'll all be hanging around me next summer as I turn 21 on May 29th, and most of them won't turn 21 til late summer. Funny how things work.

    I'm sorry this thread is so long, I'm pretty stoned and have nothing to do but ramble I guess so I apologize for that.

    Anyways hope you all have a good Memorial Day sorry for the weird thread.
  2. That's just terrible, absolutely terrible!

    Tells you something about your "friends", eh? Nobody should be alone on their birthday.

    Luckily, I'm getting a big, fat bag of chronic tomorrow, in which I shall dedicate my first bowl to you.:wave:
  3. I was planning on buying some more weed, an eighth tomorrow to chill with, but instead I got a $35 parking ticket, so there goes that money.

    Oh well, I'll probably wake up late, do nothing all day and blaze a gram of skunk to the face. Nothing else to do really..
  4. anytime you feel like smoking sometime leave me a pm. i check the city usually once a day.

    happy birthday tomorrow. enjoy it.
  5. happy bday man. it is kind of the opposite for me, most of my buddies are here at home and college can be boring sometimes. sure i chill wit some people there but i like my friends at home more(usually)

    i still have a week of class and a week of exams before i have summer

    hopefully your day goes good man, peace
  6. Jus relax and have a good day man.

    Happy Birthday homie.

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