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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. well, i decided to post these in a new thread, since these are alive and very healthy! i replanted 5 days ago in 3 gallons, and they have shot up in growth. one of my plants appears to be turning from red to purple, im still bent on it being genitics, but will treat with mg. my other plants do not show the same color, and all have an identical soil mix.

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  2. 4 more

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  3. sorry the pics kinda dark

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  4. this was my sick one, its coming along nicely, much smaller than the others though

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  5. last one

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  6. im just kinda wondering....how close are your lights from the plants? in your pictures it looks as if they are like an inch away.

  7. inch is about right. there is no heat whatsoever.
  8. i have practically the same set up and my plants are about the same age and size. i also keep them about an inch away. it doesnt burn them and i makes them cool and bushy
  9. when are you going to flower MonArch and what kinda light setup do you plan on going with?
  10. i dont know when i will flower, maybe 2 more weeks or so. i kind dont care as mush because this is my 1st crop. Its more of an experiment for me to see how good i do on my 1st grow. As for lights.....from what i see and hear floros arent the best for growing big buds. right now i have one shop light fixture, same as in your picture, i plan on gettting atleast 2 or 3 more. maybe 2 on top and 1 on each side. Because i am not going for a hps system($). im going on vacation for 4 days but ill keep in touch and telll ya what i do. peace
  11. hey! yeah vegn is great with floros, they seem to love the blue light spectrum, im actually using two fixtures, so 160 watts of floros. im switchin to hps in about 10 days or so, cant wait!
  12. Loooks like nice plants you have there! That red stem may be genetics we will see. whats your ferting schedule and dosage? So what do you plan on doing while your away for 4 weeks? We have discussed this here and decided a wick system would work well but a friend is always better. Have he/she use straight water the whole time or premix and fert once before leaving also tell them only to water every X days.

    What watt hps are you going to use? Any pics of that setup?

    My recomendation is for you to sex them now dump the males and then keep one female and make her a clone Mom. Look in overgrow FAQ on how to make a bonzai mom. Make a chepo areo cloner. It will allow you to do another flower cycle right after these plants finish.

  13. dayum grower you stoned? lol, im not going anywhere, i think that was MonArch going on vacation... i havent started with any nutes treatments yet, the only treatement it got was the mix of aged manure thats in the bottom of the pot, when i replanted, i knew the roots would hit the manure and take off, dont worry it was mixed really well, and my manure has lime in it also. when i start flowering, im going to use a nute tea of manure. im using a 400 watt hps sun system. ill get pics of that setup when i set it up. fingers are crossed right now hoping for 4 ladies. im not about cutting corners, i need to do a full 5 weeks of vegn before my 8 weeks of flowering, ive found ive had best results this way.
  14. my bad :D. i Hope you do get 4 ladies but you will most likely get around 3 because you have a good veg setup. What do you mean with the cutting corners? O, and you failed to mention the strain :D
  15. What strain are they?
  16. sorry guys about the strain, i got them from some really good midi's during last years drought. so i have no idea. some bagseed. from what i can tell looks to be indica dominate, with some sativa traits.

    cutting corners, ive seen too many failed attempts with the end product because of impatients. a lack of proper veg growth is the ultimate setup for failure. my hawaiian mentor taught me well.
  17. Well dont forget to take clones if you don't know the strain and it seems to be good genetics. fo you plan on training at all beacsu now is a perfect time to start tying down for max yeild.
  18. yes clones are top priority as soon as ive sexed these babies. again im hoping for the best 4 out of 4, but like you said 3 is more like it, dont forget i originally started with 6, so i could have 4 fems! maybe lol
  19. I hope you get lucky too! Could you give us a rundown of all your specs so we know you setup include lighting (floro tube spectrums), soil mix, watering schedule, ferts, fertinng schedule, veg area size, flower area size, and anything else. Thanks!

    Do you plan on using any tequniqes (sp) to increase yeilds?
  20. sure thing, the area is basically a 2wx5lx6h closet. vegn is happening under 4 48in ge floros. total of 160 watts. they are basically suspended by chain. i love these lights because of the blue spectrum vegn plants require. and as you can see after 20 days why. well 22. for circulation i just use a simple desk fan, it blows on the floros which allows me extra neglect time in between checks, the tips dont burn and can rest comfortably against the floros.

    as far as feeding and soil mix. i kept it really simple. i used 1 part of earth gro compost to 3 parts earth gro soil. i also mixed a layer of aged manure in the bottom of the pot. i havent fed anything to these kids, yet, however, i think i am going to treat with a dose of mg, i stopped by today and im not liking how one of the bigger plants is looking, some of the blades are cupping up and i can see what appears to be purple spots on some of the lower fan leaves, not liking it at all

    my flowering room will be the same space and im going to do another replant when i put them under the 400hps

    thats when ill start feeding them about once a week of some good ol manure tea

    oh yeah forgot to mentioned, i fimmed my two biggest plants today, this should be interesting

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