2019: Vortex, TD Silent, Cloudline T6 or Hyper Fan

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  1. Hello there,

    I'm just finishing up my first grow (outdoor) and it was a real struggle. I had issues with Aphids, bud rot and powdery mildew and ended up throwing out a bunch. I've decided to grow indoors from now on instead.

    Initially I was trying to decide on converting a room or using a tent and I'm thinking that I'll start in a tent, and down the road can always use the whole room if I want to. But for now I just want to get started because my outdoor crop was such a disappointment. I had to throw out all 3 of my CBD plants :-(

    So... I'm looking at a Gorilla tent, 4X4 not the shorty. I searched the forum and read some threads on fans, but the trouble is that the threads are a few years old and technology changes quickly. I'm hoping that I can get some feedback on these models from current users.

    I'm trying to decide which of the following would be the best option for me:

    Vortex S600 6" 347 CFM (72 W)
    S&P's TD-150S 333 CFM (65 W)
    AC Infinity Cloudline T6 6" 351 CFM (29 W)
    Hyper Fan Digital Mixed Flow fan 6" 315 CFM (35 W)

    My intention is to have the best carbon filter I can to reduce odours as much as possible because hubby hates the smell. If anyone has a good suggestion for a carbon filter, I'd appreciate that as well.

    So if you were shopping, and these were your choices, which would you choose and why? I'm leaning on the lower wattage models but would go with a model with higher watts if there were other benefits outweighing efficiency.

    Thank you,

  2. AC infinity all day, dont waist the money on the "digital" controller with the set points, they dont work too well IMO. if you go digging i have a thread on here about it, and its only a few weeks old so its not far. here is the link AC Infinity fan

    i love my AC infinity fan, carbon filters are pretty much all the same, the denser the filter is packed the better. change pre filter every 6mo to get the best outta it.
  3. Okay so I read this thread and I'm a little confused, not having used one before. Did you mean that there is a model available that doesn't have this digital controller, or to buy one with it and just not use it. Also, is there a 3rd party or external controller that would do the same thing? I'd love to be able to have the temperature control automated. And the dehumidifier as well if that's possible.

    On a side note, we used to keep snakes (and a couple of monitors) as well... All we have left now is a corn snake that we hatched 13 years ago. I miss the boids.
  4. Another question is did you mean to get the S6 model without the humidity control? I'm just getting the supplier I deal with to get one for me and he doesn't usually carry them.

    Thanks again

  5. the humidity and temp set points are just triggers to kick the fan on. THE FAN WILL NOT RUN WHATSO EVER IF THE TEMP AND HUMIDITY ARE WITH IN YOUR SET PARAMETERS. not yelling, just thats the important part. so if you set you low side trigger @ 70 degrees @50% RH, and then your high side @ 85 degrees @85% RH, and your temp in the tent is 77 degrees @ 70% RH the fan will not run what so ever!

    it is not like an actual temp controller that you used for herps. i love Spyder Robotics with there T-stats and how they work and this is nothing like them
  6. yes you can get a digital controller with humidity or just a standard controller with a 10 position switch. check them out on amazon to see the differences and yes i meant the cloud line T6 fan

    edit: they only work with there controllers due to the pulse motor
  7. BTW i use to breed large Retics and still a few ball pythons
  8. I'm sorry but I'm still a little confused. I thought when you said not to waste money on the digital controller, you meant to buy the model that doesn't have that feature, which appears to be the S6. It has speed controls but no humidity/temperature sensors.

    But then you said to get the T6 which has those digital controls. Are there different versions of the T6 with and without those controllers? Or do you mean to buy a 3rd party controller to work with it? Sorry for the confusion... Because I've never used anything like this or set anything like this up, it's difficult for me to picture.

    Ideally what I'd like is to have everything automated as much as possible. I'd love to be able to have a dehumidifier/humidifier combo that is programmed to do whatever it needs to maintain a good RH and a fan that keeps the tent cool in the first place rather than reacting after it's too hot, which is what I think I was reading in your post?

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  9. You won't go wrong with any of those.
    Noise (decibels dB), power, air flow, and cost are all factors.
    Here's another choice that has higher power (70 watts), more air flow (395 cfm), less than half the cost ($65), but a tiny bit more noise (45 dB):

    I'm put off by the infinity controller thing, because it's just something else to go wrong.
    Every fan watt becomes heat watts inside the tent, so the more watts would raise temps a small amount, but sometimes a lot of air flow is needed.
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  10. I love Ball Pythons. We just lost our juvenile a few months back. He was always a bad eater and we had trouble with him for the couple of years we had him. We fed him one night and the next morning he was dead, contorted with his mouth open. I have no idea what happened but was very suspicious of the mouse we fed being poisoned or something like that.
  11. ahhh i am sorry, i didnt realize the S and T was the controller designation, sorry, yes get the S6
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  12. basically the controller kicks the fan on when the air temp and humidity drift outside your set parameters, if its within them, it will not run or circulate the air through the tent

    it is not like a reptile thermostat which maintains a certain set point 24/7 while running.

    AC infinity is however working on a controller like that and is expected to release this time next year
  13. i just lost 60% of my breeders due to secondary poisoning, i about killed my rat breeder.
  14. Wow! That really sucks. He should replace your breeders. I know some morphs can be pricey too and you probably worked hard to achieve your genetics.
  15. he wasn't gonna pay me 25k for the snakes, thank god for insurance. im not going as big anymore, i am dont breeding rats. at one point i was dropping 250 babies in a week. made good money but not worth the 3hrs of work every other day.

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