2017 Venezuela Helicopter Attack, Conspiracies..

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  1. To sum it up simply: A couple of weeks ago, the Venezuelan presidential palace was bombed with granades thrown from a stolen helicopter.. piloted by a policeman / movie actor known as Oscar Perez.

    ...Kinda funny how showbiz is all of the sudden merging with real-world politics...

    Oscar Perez considers himself a revolutionary who supports the opposition to Maduro's government, and believes that voting isn't enough to get rid of a dysfunctional government.

    However, reaction among the public remains mixed. Some people, both from the opposition and pro-government movements.. consider him a false-flag operation.. an attempt to smear the opposition and frame them as violent terrorists.

    Other Chavistas consider him to be a CIA agent.. trying to instill a coup and make way for US corporate control over the country.

    Personally, I don't even know how to react to this. While it would be nice to see Maduro overthrown .. my biggest worry would be: What kind of government is going to replace him? Will it be an honest coalition government that works in the interests of both the working class and business owners .. or will it be one of those desperate CIA-backed coups again.. looking to install a puppet-government .. as we'd seen in the past in Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, etc?

    The Venezuelan movie Oscar Perez has starred in:

  2. Here's to hoping that the US stays out of it.. otherwise, Venezuela will become another Syria.

    US military presence in political unstable countries has virtually never ended well, with the exception of Europe 1945. Even so - that was still done out of self-interest, and ended up splitting Germany in two.. but yeah, that was a necessary evil maybe.
  3. The world is a stage.

    Almost everything Nowadays is fabricated, doctored, geared with some form of secondary motive.

    Most of it is sensationalistic bull.
    If you control how people feel, you control how they think.
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  4. I should add .. while I'm no conspiracy theorist.. I wouldn't be quick to dismiss some conspiracy theories.

    However .. there is a difference between being CONVINCED that your theory is the truth .. and being skeptical and considering all the possibilities.
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  5. Conspiracy theory is a euphemism to dissuade people from seeking the truth.

    What is the alternative, believing the sanctioned 'truth'?

    I agree with your approach.

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    Obama 2015 Summit of the Americas - "... the days in which our agenda in this hemisphere (Latin America) presumed that the United States could meddle with impunity, those days are past".

    You're good, Jane. Rest easy.

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