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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by J&Jfarms, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Was hoping everyone would join in on this thread. Its that time of year again. Can you smell it yet? Flower season is only couple weeks away if not already here.

    Post picks
    Ask questions

    We all have a long way to go till harvest, and outdoor bud is so much better then indoors.

    Anyonr have reports of budding yet?

  2. 14993912754021087160376.jpg

    This is what i got
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  3. Mop head. strange mutation where the main truck is about 2" wide and flat like a stick with weird indentations. About week 3 flower. 20170622_064410.jpg 20170705_093122.jpg
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  4. That thing is werid looking. Got any buds yet?
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  5. Blue cheese grown in Hawaii

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  6. Damn thats deep into flower. Looking good !

    How long into flower are you
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  7. About 9 weeks we only get 13.5 hrs on our longest day in summer

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  8. Damn... Im in cali and ee get 14.5 for our longest days
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  9. But can flower all yr in hawaii. Has its ups and downs.

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  10. June/july arr thr only months you can veg here. December-February is basically the dead season.
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  11. Represent Kama'aina - looking crypt!

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  12. Mahalos poi boi! And this was a seedsupreme freebie

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  13. Week 5. California IMG_2445.JPG Orange Cookies and Sunshine Sherbet
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  14. Ya like week 2-3 of flower or so and it is covered in bud. A clone of this plant grew just like this lollipopped. Fans and buds only. Oh I should say this is one of the five colas after topping. The other colas are normal as expected.
  15. Autos take care of that. :)
  16. Cheeeee! I am mid puna. :)
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  17. Howzit!

    Blue Tara finishing up. 808 sungrown.
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  18. Finally some 808 braddahs haha nice plant fickysiskers

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  19. [​IMG]

    Southern California.
    Year round grown, 4 sets per year.
    June 1st = Harvest, Take clones, Set out plants from veg shed.
    Oct 15th = same
    Jan 1st = Same
    March 15th = Same
    How I've broke out the year and getting max use from my yard sites.
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