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Do you think that the triple digit heat is a major factor on growth with particular strains?

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  1. Well, I planted 5/29, and to be honest I am a bit disappointed with the growth rate compared to the strains that I grew last season. Maybe my expectation is too high. This year it is Orange Cookies, Sunshine Sherbet, Pineapple Express, and GG#4. I just started brewing my own compost tea and am now feeding every two days. It's been really hot, so I am thinking that may have slowed the growth. They look healthy enough and the the stalks are nice and fat.

    Last year was, Green Crack, Black Lime, and Sour Cookies. Here is a photo from today.
  2. Looks good to me!
  3. IMO it ur tea

    are you brewing/bubbling at the same temp the plants grow at..?

    the clue is in the feeding 'every 2 days'

    Do you think that the triple digit heat is a major factor on growth with particular strains?

    no think about it, once temp reached too high ,

    plants all plants fall dormant until temps lower

    good luck
  4. I have two aerator pumps with stones going for 24-36 hours until the tea looks and smells ready. I'm brewing in a 200gal tote. I will brew another batch in the next few days. I'm guessing every 10 days? I'm watering now every other because of the heat. They dry out VERY quickly. It's been a abnormally hot summer so far. Thanks for your reply!
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  5. That is a nice garden. Wow! I planted end of May as well here in Massachusetts. We had a very cold spring. What state are you in.
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  6. Thank you for the kudos. I'm in Northern California.
  7. Mine have been growing in 100+ degree weather for over 100days and look healthy with little to no sign of heat stress. Only the sour D shows stress but only when it's 115 plus but by the evening the leaves look normal again. However, this is my first grow so wouldn't be able to tell you if the heat is slowing me down as a whole. For the next week we're gonna have clouds which hasn't happened in quite a while. If I see a noticeable diff in growth I'll let u know. I measure the same stalk everyday with measuring tape to plot a trendline.

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  8. But to you answer your question, I'm pretty sure certain strains thrive less in the heat. I'm guessing strains that were bred in Alaska would prob have trouble growing here in Baja and vice versa
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  9. Are you on the coast or inland? I think the difference would be in humidity. It is dry as a twig here.
  10. Inland. Our nights drop to about 80ish degrees. Pretty much a desert
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  11. Okay. Makes sense.
  12. I'm in NorCal also. Vacaville to be exact. Your plants look fine. What size pots are you using? I run 45, 65 and 100 gallons. I would suggest top dressing each plant with amendments and add a layer of mulch. I use alfalfa as a mulch and as it decomposes it leaves behind nutrients of this and following plants. It also helps retain moisture and keeps the sun from heating the soil directly. You could also feed it a mixture of fish emulsion and liquid kelp for a high nutrient feeding. Here's a shot of a few of my girls. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. It is 58 degrees outside on this July 24th night here in Massachusetts. 80ish at night wow man.
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  15. 103-108 during the day for weeks here. 68-70 at night here in the foothills in NorCal
  16. Man hauling water uphill is no fun. I'm to old and broken to do dork like that. I prefer to work smarter not harder whenever possible. Good luck with the grow.

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  17. It's really not that hard. I use my truck. It has the 200 gallon tote with a 12v water pump attached to a hose. Works great for this 62 year old guy. ;) I do know how to work smart as well. Happy Harvesting.

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