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    Hey there everyone, I wanted to share with you my 2017 CBD/THC grow for medicinal properties. Since these will be harvested to make tincture, salves, and topical, we grow %100 organic.
    Here are some pictures from clone till now.
    6 are in 100gal smart pot with super soil mix.
    2 are in 45 gal added at the last minute also filled with super soil.

    I'll post some more details in a bit but first check these 2.5 month old girls.

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  2. Looks great!!

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  3. Looking good. I see you are using the 1/4 emitter tubing, what spacing? Dig? I am trying it on my 400 gal this year and not sure if I like it, I have used it for a few seasons with my tomatos both in ground and in 20s.
  4. They line it 1 foot spacing at 1gph. I used 10 foot lengths for my 3ft diameter 100gal pots stating with the coil tight around the trunk then moving it out with growth spiraling out from the center. I adjusted my timer too as they grew increasing time, I'm on 35 min once a day at this point giving the plants about 5-6 gals in that time. We're having hot days this July and the pots are drying out quick. I will say when I top dress I will hand water to really give it a good soaking in because the emitters only do so much. Some sort of vapor block like mulch or hay could help but it's a pain moving all that aside when top dressing in my opinion! Overall I'm a fan of the emitter line, my first time using it and no issues thus far. Just timer adjustments here and there based on soil moisture test with the good old hand.

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  5. Nice !
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  6. I think they are fine as you are running just water through them and your water is not to high in Cal. I am running the .65 emitters at 6".
  7. Wow, you have a solid set up, filled with beautiful, strong looking ladies!

    What’s news on this grow?

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