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  1. The president of the united states has no power. He is a glorified spokesperson, nothing more. Stop wasting your time caring about who's president.
  2. Another four years for zerobama & we'll have sharia law & courts in this country. Free speech & the second amendment will be toast.
    You won't get much traction for this thread here on gc, the youth of this generation for the most part are turning a blind eye on the left & believe what the left is saying instead of paying attention to what their doing. They're listening with their hearts with their brains turned off.
    My generation back in the 60's did the same thing. The left lied to us then just like the left is lying to them now.

  3. really? it's pretty sad to think that anyone in the usa doesn't care about who is president..

    turning a blind eye does nothing !

    next up ( as 1badbruce stated ) sharia law

    I really hope you enjoy the bullshit in this country now... because the next four ( if zerobama is re-elected ) will make his current time in office look like a walk in the park
  4. im pretty sure he supports everything that's going on..........I'd personally have a guy who supports the people rather than the money
  5. I agree
  6. Sooooooo Romney is a better alternative?

    Cuz you definitely have that shit twisted. Romney will destroy the middle class much further than Obama has
  7. im gonna write in ron paul, i dont like obama or romney
  8. Obama is the most dangerous man in America and he is our president...
  9. Ive just stopped giving a fuck. If this country goes to shit, ill just move to canada.
  10. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']Ive just stopped giving a fuck. If this country goes to shit, ill just move to canada.[/quote]

    Look at our prime minister... Not much better lol if america goes down that douche bag will have us right behind you
  11. Obama ain't shit. I'm thinking you Obama haters are just big babies who take pride in hating whoever is in charge. Sure, there's a lot of dumb shit Obama's done. But he's very far from being the "worst president ever". He's not going to initiate sharia law or whatever. He's just the fucking black Jimmy Carter. He ain't shit.

  12. Free healthcare, legal gay marrage and medical marijuana? Sounds like heaven compared to america.
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    zerobama's doing for the middle east what Carter did for Iran & looked how that turned out & don't guess who WW3 is going to be fought against, it's obvious.
    We now have Hamas operatives in this country, hundreds if not thousands. Members of the muslim brotherhood at the highest levels of government who are dedicated to the overthrow of our government & the ending of our culture.
    Who's motto is:

    "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!”

    Look at his energy policies. The price of gas has doubled & will do so again. Electricity rates are rising & 'will necessisarily skyrocket' zerobamas own words. So look for your rates to triple over the next few years as he shuts down the rest of the coal electricity plants in America, 175 so far.

    Our southern border is now wide open & where do you think the next terrorist attack is comming from? Think anthrax & our water supply.

    All of the above thanks to zerobama. I could go on for hours?

    You say he's done some stupid shit? I say he's trying to destroy America.

    I wish someone woud...
    Well now if I said that guess who'd be knocking at my door in the morning if not kicking it down?

    Wake up Neo:rolleyes:
  14. You cant have free healthcare and freedom. I say this because I live healthy, so why should my taxes go to those who don't live healthy? Legal gay "marriage"......marriage should be separate from the state, marriage = church, partnership = state. Medical Marijuana is cool tho :p

  15. Hes not even Black,which is scary and everyone thinks he is,He's....I forget...whatever Osama is........OBAMA + OSAMA = Evil Lama
  16. Who's said anything about Romney being good, great or whatever. Why when you people can't argue the facts do you find it necessary to change the subject? I 'spose
    the personal attacks will be next.:rolleyes:
    As for Romney destroying the middle class, your just spouting BS as you have no proof.
    Romney is the last person I wanted to see run against zerobama. If only does one thing & turns the economy around he'll have done a good job.
    When he was governor of Mass. (?) he tried free healthcare & it failed miserably, feds had to bail out his program.
    The left swinging media chased out any good canidates. Herman Cain should be running, unfortunately he had a problem keeping his unit in his pants:D

  17. Id hope youre joking, because he's definitely black. He's biracial, but still considered black.
  18. evil lama :laughing:
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    Nope,No time for jokes these days.
    And again NOPE,there are alot of people with Dark Brown skin who JUST aren't black pal.
    Picture A Hispanic made it into office alot of people would overlook his true ethnicity and just call him Black,Lol! Why do you think they had those Birth Certificate problems not to long ago.......AND AGAIN NOPE:) Rain dance 4 me though.....TwitchyDude" NOPE" :p

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